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Just Cancel Team of the Week for the Rest of This Season

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Team of the Week doesn't hold up to the cards already available through TOTSSF and Summer Heat. (Image credit: EA Sports via Twitter)

EA Sports decided to bring Team of the Week back after the football season was resumed in June, but is it of any use? Based on this new squad that’s been released and the experience of prior post-coronavirus TOTWs, we’d say a solid “no”.

TOTW Cards Are Just Not Passible in July

Don’t get me wrong, there are still some decent cards on TOTW 40. 91-rated Paulo Dybala and especially Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with his pace on the left wing are definitely something you could slot in your FUT squad... if it were October.

Now that we have all of the massive cards from the Summer Heat and TOTS marathons, even the strongest TOTW cards would not crack a decent FIFA 20 player’s bench, so why even bother releasing them?

Usually, these massive promos come after the season and by extension – Team of the Week, has come to an end. Due to the unorthodox situation, however, that’s no longer the case. Instead of adapting, however, EA just keep pumping the old and tried, expecting the same results. But the old and tried doesn’t work in a new and uncharted territory. 81 OVR in the TOTW starters? No, thanks.

With all of that said, you’re already here, so you might as well get the Team of the Week 40 roster and see for yourself what we mean.


  • GK: Łukasz Skorupski – 81 OVR (Bologna)
  • RB: Jesús Navas – 84 OVR (Sevilla)
  • CB: James Tarkowski – 86 OVR (Burnley)
  • LB: Mário Rui – 82 OVR (Napoli)
  • CM: Saúl – 88 OVR (Atlético Madrid)
  • CM: Sander Berge – 82 OVR (Sheffield United)
  • CAM: Nikola Vlašić – 84 OVR (CSKA Moscow)
  • CAM: Raúl García – 83 OVR (Athletic Club Bilbao)
  • LW: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 91 OVR (Arsenal)
  • ST: Paulo Dybala – 91 OVR (Piemonte Calcio/Juventus)
  • ST: Jamie Vardy – 88 OVR (Leicester City)


  • GK: Alex McCarthy – 81 OVR (Southampton)
  • LWB: Pascal Schürpf – 81 OVR (Luzern)
  • RM: Karol Linetty – 81 OVR (Sampdoria)
  • CM: Óliver Torres – 82 OVR (Sevilla)
  • RW: Matheus Pereira – 84 OVR (West Bromwich Albion)
  • LW: Saïd Benrahma – 83 OVR (Brentford)
  • ST: Alexis Sánchez – 86 OVR (Inter)


  • RM: Yakou Méïté – 77 OVR (Reading)
  • LM: Kim In Seong – 78 OVR (Ulsan Hyundai)
  • CAM: Mike Wunderlich – 75 OVR (Viktoria Köln)
  • ST: Kasper Junker – 79 OVR (Bodø/Glimt)
  • ST: Simy – 79 OVR (Crotone)

Now that you’ve seen the entirety of Team of the Week 40, would you agree with our assessment or do you still believe in the format’s viability in current conditions?

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