He’s going to make his own squad.

JasonR Leaves FaZe Clan’s Valorant Team

JasonR Valorant FaZe Clan

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FaZe’s Valorant team is left without a captain as former CS:GO pro player Jason “JasonR” Ruchelski has parted ways with the organization to make his own squad.

Jason “JasonR” Ruchelski is no longer part of FaZe Clan’s Valorant team. That’s rather ironic as JasonR was the first player to get signed by FaZe back in late June.

At the same time when JasonR joined the team, FaZe also signed Corey "corey" Nigra, a former Overwatch professional. Together the duo were the first two to join the team’s Valorant squad. Little did we know that over a month later the captain will decide to leave the organization. Most recently FaZe Clan signed Zachary "ZachaREEE" Lombardo and Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen. The former being a retired Overwatch player while the latter comes from a CS:GO background. The two players joined FaZe for the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown and earned a fourth place there.

The best part is, JasonR never even got to play in a Valorant event. FaZe have participated only in the aforementioned T1 x NSG Showdown and Ruchelski wasn’t there.

What Caused JasonR to Walk Away?

In Jason’s own words he shared during one of his streams:

Marved just got announced on the FaZe roster, but I’m not playing I’m not practicing with FaZe. I’m not practising with the roster. I had no say in who they were picking up at all. I joined as a player, I’m just not going to be forced into any situations.

According to the player, the team didn’t let him have any say in the roster. It’s unknown whether JasonR has any beef with some of the new members or he simply didn’t believe the team will work out. In any case, it’s a shame that he didn’t even get to play a single event with FaZe. For now, he’s back to streaming, but who knows maybe we’ll see him join another team soon.

With JasonR out of the equation, FaZe are left at the mercy of last-minute substitutes once again. The team is down to three players:

  • Corey "corey" Nigra
  • Zachary "ZachaREEE" Lombardo
  • Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen

The next big Valorant event is set to start on August 6 when the FaZe Clan Invitational is scheduled to kick off. That’s right FaZe don’t even have a complete roster but they’re hosting a Valorant event and by the looks of it, they won’t be the favorites. The upcoming tournament will include other strong teams like TSM, Cloud9, T1, and Sentinels, all of which can be potential contenders for the title.

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Tasho Tashev