You must take Tony Stark down!

Iron Man Is Part of Fortnite Season 4, Week 3 Challenges

Herausforderungen Stark Industries

Defeat Iron Man to complete one of the Fortnite Season 4, Week 3 challenges. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite patch v14.10 adds new challenges to the game as well as XP to collect, which will help you advance your Battle Pass.

First things first: If you complete 10 challenges from week 3 and the upcoming week 4, you will also unlock an alternative Storm skin. This week you can collect 225,000 XP and find a real challenge besides the other location tasks. This week's group challenge is to defeat Iron Man in the new Stark Industry Area.

Gather your friends together and face the latest challenges!

Fortnite Season 4, Week 3 Challenges

  • Search boxes at Steamy Stacks (7)
  • Eliminate players at Retail Row (3)
  • Collect wood from Weeping Woods (500)
  • Visit Panther's Prowl
  • Do damage with exploding gas pumps or gas containers (250)
  • Place fire traps (3)
  • Defeat Iron Man at Stark Industires
  • Deal damage to enemies in Misty Meadows (500)
Fortnite Herausforderungen Iron Man

Even if you're a fan of Tony Stark, you'll have to take him down in order to complete the Season 4, Week 3 challenges. (Image credit: Epic Games)

How to Complete the Challenges

The gas pumps you need to blow up your enemies with are usually found at gas stations while the gas tanks are found in various places, but mostly near speed boats. You will need some luck for this as your opponents will have to be standing near the explosions.

If you haven't found Panther's Prowl and the Wakanda Monument yet, take another look west of Misty Meadows.

Stark Industries will be located northeast of the island as a new special place. This battle cannot be completed in Team Rumble mode and it is recommended that you register as a group because Iron Man is not an easy opponent!

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