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Twitch Banned Kiaraakitty and her Hot Tub

Banned: Kiaraakitty Gets Naked During Jacuzzi Twitch Stream

Twitch's Just Chatting is getting out of control! (Credit: Kiaraakitty )

Twitch banned the IRL streamer Kiaraakitty for the second time this year! During a jacuzzi stream, Kiaraakitty’s friend had an unfortunate nip-slip and the unthinkable happened.

Twitch made the ban of Kiaraakitty official on March 16. 
The reason behind the ban must have been from her recent jacuzzi stream, but nothing official was stated.

Why Was Kiaraakitty Banned?

However, it is pretty clear why Twitch banned the streamer, if you watch the hot tub VoD. At one point in the rather long jacuzzi stream, one of Kiaraakitty’s friends leaned forward and had a part of her breast exposed.

Like the nip-slip, the hot tub party continued with the sexiness. Kiaraakitty was visibly intoxicated as the stream progressed and some very sexy dancing between Kiaraakitty and her friends took place inside the jacuzzi. Apparently, sex sells, and so do dancing ladies wearing swimwear. Naturally, it brought all the thirsty Twitch fans to the yard, as Kiaraakitty would change swimsuits off camera, if she received enough follows.

The Just Chatting – or IRL section – on Twitch reminds me of the early days of ‘anything goes’ on YouTube. But, where does such overtly sexual content fit on Twitch? Many think Twitch is only for gaming and others have a far more open mind. Like those who enjoy partaking in some late-night sexy ASRM – or so I am told...

It’s time to get real and let’s be honest here: Twitch knows sex sells and this is why they allow it. Every sub and bit tipped to Kiaraakitty during her Hot Tub stream is a dollar in Twitch’s now wet pockets.

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