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Who Exactly Is Ninja's Wife?

Tyler Ninja Blevins and his wife Jessica Blevins
Jessica and Ninja looking dapper! (Credit: Jessica Blevins)

Many streamers would prefer to keep their private lives secret forever. It's different for Ninja because his private life is firmly linked to his job. His wife Jessica Blevins is also his manager so lucky for him or maybe not?

Many people wonder who Ninja's wife is. Well, her name is Jessica Blevins, that's the simple answer! But who exactly is she? That is harder to answer. Jessica Blevins has many faces and probably more influence on Ninja's streaming career than you suspect.

Jessica Blevins is Ninja's wife

Ninja's Family
Jessica, Ninja and their baby (Credit: Jessica Belvins)

Jessica and Ninja met at a Halo tournament in 2010, yes, and before you ask, Halo used to be an esports! 

An esports tournament is the best place for the beginning of a love story! But at that time Ninja was already taken by someone else so true was yet to begin. To add to the things, Jessica had also just been through a breakup. But when Ninja was single again, Jessica supposedly made the first move and texted him. The rest is history...well, not really because the story still continues today.

In 2017, the two got married and have been enjoying their life together in Chicago ever since. 

Jessica Blevins is Ninja's Manager

Ninja and Jessica (Credit: Jessica Blevins)
Where Ninja and Jessica Standing?

Jessica is not only Ninja's wife but also his manager and she has been so for many years. According to Ninja, Jessica is exactly what he needed. She is just much more professional than him and takes care of business while he entertains his fans.

This includes answering hundreds of emails and taking care of important sponsorship deals and everything else a top streamer may have to deal with.

Jessica Blevins is also a Streamer 

Jessica Belvins Esports Jersey
Jessica's belly button piercing. (Credit: Jessica Belvins)

Besides all her managerial tasks, Jessica actually finds time to stream herself. It really makes you wonder if the two of them ever sleep? Jessica used to stream under the nickname "Jghosty" and also produces gaming content on her own Twitch channel (which is now just called Jessica Blevins). No Fortnite though, she prefers to leave that to Ninja.

Jessica Blevins even had beef with Tfue and xQc!

Even though she may look harmless, Jessica is pretty badass. On Twitter, she traded blows with fellow streamers like Tfue and xQc. Even though she's usually not the one to throw the first stone. In the past, Tfue provoked her with a lewd picture and xQc was just being xQc.

"This guy is just talking trash as usual" is one of the best statements I've heard about xQc so far

Jessica Blevin's true influence on Ninja

Ninja headset commentator
Ninja is one of the most successful streamers, and he has his wife to thank for that. (Source: Ninja Twitch)

Jessica Blevins determines every detail of Ninja's career, even when he gets to stream! In fact, they have agreed that he takes a four-hour break every day. In the past, they had little other time for each other. "This was not a real relationship," Jessica once said on SM. The problem: every minute Ninja doesn't stream; he loses real money.

But that's not all. Jessica is also the reason why Ninja doesn't collaborate with any other streamers. Not because Jessica forbids him to, but because he just doesn't feel like the rumors that come along with streamer drama. He has "too much respect for his wife" for that.

Now, is Jessica's influence on Ninja a good thing or a bad thing? 

The fact is that Ninja probably never would have never made it this far without his wife. It's no coincidence that they met when they were both unknown and only later became rich and successful. Without Jessica, he might still be streaming 24/7, but with much less success.

Ninja is the star, but Jessica is the brains behind Ninja's streaming business.

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Original article by the Always Awesome Laura Pippig.