JadeyAnh Gets a Horrifying Phone Call

Twitch Streamer JadeyAnh Threatened and Blackmailed Live

Jade streamer phonecall

A terrible call occurred during JadeyAnh's Stream on Twitch. (Credit: Twitch)

Twitch Streamer JadeyAnh answers a phone call live on stream only to be blackmailed and threatened by a stalker calling her.

TRIGGER WARNING! EarlyGamers, this news piece contains violent descriptions!

In the chilling phone call, a stalker demands she reveals her bare chest on stream or her father would be killed.

During a late-night stream on January 17, the German Streamer JadeyAnh received a threatening phone call that was thankfully a hoax. In this call, a human piece of trash, threatened her father’s life unless she followed his sicking comments demanding she reveal her body naked on stream or he would “slit her dad’s throat.”

This video shows JadeyAnh receiving a call from a stalker live on stream. In the clip, she is visibly upset, and given what happened she acted incredibly brave.

One of the Mods in JadeyAnh's chat was able to confirm that her father was safely sleeping during the phone call. The stalker was somehow able to spoof her father’s phone number and even was able to provide the address to her parent's home making this a truly horrifying ordeal. JadeyAnh recounts the terrible events in a Twitter post.

The Just Chatting Streamer, Jade-Anh ‘Jadeyanh’ Ngo, reassures her fans and now concerned Twitch community members that she is indeed okay.

We wish JadeyAnh all the best and happy she made it through this terrible occurrence.

What are your feelings on what happened to JadeyAnh? Pretty scary stuff right? Let us know on the EarlyGame Twitter or our Discord server!

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