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Streamer Sydeon is Taking Twitch by Storm


What a meteoric rise for Sydeon. (Credit: Sydeon on YouTube)

With the recent success of the OfflineTV Rust server, you might have heard the name Sydeon pop up from time to time. That’s because in 2020 the streamer Sydeon whose real name is Sydney has seen a meteoric rise on Twitch. In case you were wondering just who the hell she is and where she came from, here is the article you are looking for.

In 2020 with so many games going through hypes or reliving their glory days quite a few streamers have been able to ride those waves and rising to the top of everyone's favorite streaming platform. It might seem like she came out of nowhere, but that isn’t quite the truth. She is the prime example of a mixture of smart decisions, humor, talent, and good looks leading to success.

Sydeon grim reaper

If looks could kill... This Grim Reaper interpretation rocks! (Credit: Sydeon on Twitter)

How Disney Made Her Change Her Name

Sydeon created her Twitch account in early January 2019 while still doing nursing school. Her stream was mostly her showing of cosplay or chilling with friends and playing video games. I guess that’s still true today, she just has a bigger audience now. But when you look up her name you might find misleading information, such as her creating her Twitch account in October 2020. That’s because she wasn’t always known as Sydeon but instead as Neytiri, her favorite character from Disney’s blockbuster Avatar. You know, the one with the blue dudes. According to a Twitter-statement, she decided to change her name because she found it to be hard to build a brand around a name that is heavily connected to a popular film and the company behind it. Her new name is a combination of her preferred first name “Syd” and her favorite Pokémon Umbreon. Good choice btw.!

The Stream That Keeps On Giving

As mentioned before, Sydeon's cosplays are a sight to behold and part of what sets her apart from the rest. The natural beauty even struck a deal with LA Models. But she’s more than just good looks. I mean have you heard her southern accent in her Rust RPs on the OfflineTV server? That s**t is funny as hell! Like many others, she found her success streaming 2020s most popular games Minecraft, Among Us as well as some LoL and Valorant. In January 2020 she was still sitting at around 7000 Followers on Twitch. At the time of my writing this article, she boasts an insane 150.000 Followers. That’s in just one year! Combine that with over 80.000 Followers on Twitter and Instagram each, and you have quite the Influencer. Of course, she got noticed and approached by partners. For a while, she was streaming for the Korean organization Gen.G but that deal has ended. Now she is partners with Hyper X and functions as brand ambassador for Lenovo.

Advocacy Over Ambiguity

Sydney was born 23 years ago on June 11, 1997, in Seattle, WA. In her Twitch bio, she explains that she is half black (West African descent) and half white (Swedish). She decided to go to nursing school but also started to share her passion for video games and dressing up. Sydeon's cosplays are stunning and play a big role in building a base of followers that would later kick-start her career. In 2020, she finished nursing school (congrats!) and moved to LA. Around that time her stream took off which prompted her to try streaming full-time as a job.

Unlike other streamers who try to stay as ambiguous as possible to not step on any toes, Sydeon is a strong and outspoken woman. On her Twitter, she stands up for the rights of women and people of color. She also heavily condemned the recent attacks on the Capitol calling the participants domestic terrorists.

Sydeon is a talented and strong woman. She shares her private life and isn’t afraid to voice somewhat controversial opinions. She has the potential to become a true pillar of the streaming community, and we will follow her career with interest.


What do you think about Sydeon? Are you a long-time fan, or do you plan to follow her now that you got to know her a bit better? Let us know on our Twitter or Discord server!

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