Take that, you sexists!

Streamer Negaoryx Responds to Question About Color of Her String


Negaoryx's reaction to a sexist question in a chat is making waves. (Credit: negaoryx via Twitch)

Twitch streamer negaoryx was asked "What color is your thong?" in a live stream. Her reaction and rebuke of the questioner are currently earning her a lot of encouragement on social media.

The streamer, who currently has just over 109,000 followers on Twitch, mainly streams unboxings and video games. This was also the case yesterday, when she played the popular horror game Dead By Daylight. We all know the internet, and especially the chats on YouTube and Twitch, where many idiots consider it lawless. Insults, disgusting come-ons, and even death threats are unfortunately not as rare nowadays as one would hope.

It seems that negaoryx's chat is also home to some creeps, because during her stream, she was abruptly asked: "What color is your thong?" The streamer initially just reacted a bit annoyed, and asked the questioner to respect women, before asking him what kind of answer he was hoping for. The catalyst for her ready-for-pressure speech and rebuke of the questioner, was his next message: "Can't you take a joke?"

You can see the entire situation in her Twitter post:

Negaoryx really gets going and delivers a speech that could easily be in an anti-sexism book. She quotes an expert and a comedian herself, as she explains that sexism is no fun. The questioner simply doesn't understand what a joke is, and is nothing more than a sexist who doesn't want to admit the bad sides of his personality. He knew very well that his question had been absolutely inappropriate and would now try to talk his way out of it with "I was just kidding."

The clip has now been viewed over 4 million times and retweeted over 70,000 times. Among the more than 6,000 replies are gaming celebrities like DrLupo and Pokimane, who are also enthusiastic about negaoryx's reaction. We were particularly surprised by how confidently she delivered her speech, almost as if she had just written a paper on the subject.

It's no accident, though - negaoryx explained that she's been exposed to such behavior while streaming for a good four years now, and she's dealt with it accordingly several times. What she said this time is nothing new, she simply said what she has been thinking for years about such comments.

Let's hope that the questioner has learned his lesson, and that negaoryx's speech may have made one or two chat sexists think again.

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Original article by Lukas Ballat.

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