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Mr. Beast Has Another $100,000 Challenge For You

Mr. Beast Finger on the App challenge
Mr. Beast has another challenge for you. (Credit: Mr. Beast)

You heard correctly, Mr. Beast is back with another chance to win big money! So get your fingers ready (not what you think right now) and take the chance to win a whopping $100,000!

Mr. Beast is one of those people that just likes to give. But sometimes, you first have to earn it! In this case by having your finger on his app all the time. He's done it before, and now he's doing it again: Get ready for the Mr. Beast Finger on the App challenge!

What Is the Finger on the App Challenge?

Mr. Beast has done a lot of challenges in the past, but this one was very well-received by his fans. In this contest, you have to download his app and try to always keep your finger on it. The last person who still has their finger in the game wins, easy as that.

However, there's a catch this time. It is not enough to just lay your finger on your phone and relax. No, you have to compete in minigames and win extra lives to stay in the game. But that's no challenge for a real gamer like you, is it?

What Is the Prize Money for the Challenge?

In his latest video, Mr. Beast explains everything you need to know, so check it out after reading this article. The prize money for the challenge is $100,000. You may remember, last time around it was just 25,000 in cash. 

But since Mr. Beast actually let four people win and gave them 20,000 Dollars each, the individual prize money is now four times more than last year. Crazy, right?

How Can I Participate in Mr. Beast's Challenge?

As we already mentioned, you have to download the app and participate in the Finger on the App challenge. The official start is March 20, and you can only participate if you live in the US, Canada or Mexico (cries in European).

There's a timer on the website as well as on the app, so you can't miss it, really. Well, unless you're sleeping under a rock when the challenge starts, but that's your personal choice.

Please be aware that Finger on the App 2 is the app you need, not the old one from last year. 


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