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Corpse Husband: Day Walker Video feat. Valkyrae and MGK – Hype AF!

MGK and Valkyrae vocals by Corpse Husband

Day Walker, the latest music video by Corpse Husband and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) has just hit YouTube like a freaking firestorm. Valkyrae plays Corpse Husband making DAY WALKER hype AF!

While Corpse Husband himself is absent for the entire duration of DAY WALKER,Valkyrae plays the role of Corpse Husband. Yeah, that’s right internet peoples, Corpse Husbands' voice raps over top Valkyrae! The best part: Valkyrae is dressed in a sexy black latex bodysuit!

While Valkyrae steals the show, MGK spits absolute lyrical fire along with Corpse Husband. The track is dark and creepy and you can’t get this angsty sh*t out of your head - it’s simply amazing. The short 2:18 music video is in your face and according to Corpse Husband "took a lot of preparation." Yep, rolling out of bed and turning on your stream is not equal to making an actual music video! Nonetheless, the extra effort shows and DAY WALKER is taking YoutTube by storm.  

Corpse Husband could legit quit his day job as a streamer and just become a music artist at this point. As much as Corpse Husband is a great Streamer, music really harnesses his creative potential. Making music really channels his creativity much more than another Among US session can ever do.

DAY WALKER is already at already 2.9 million views after 16 hours and is probably going to the MFing moon in terms of repeat plays! Looks like we got a winner here, so let's see how high this goes with the three massive fan bases to support it. MGK, Corpse Husband, and Valkyrae are showing us how music should be done in 2021: raw and for the fans!

That’s all I got EarlyGamers, meanwhile, I’ll be keeping DAY WALKER on repeat all day. FIGHT! 

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