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Infinity Ward set to deal with CoD: Modern Warfare hackers

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Co D Playlist Update

The new update tries to handle CoD: Modern Warfare cheaters. (Image credit: Infinity Ward via Twitter)

The latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare playlist update brings much more than new bundles and game modes. A new operator and measures against cheaters are the centerpiece of the new patch, a welcomed addition for everybody playing the game.

New features introduced to CoD: Modern Warfare

You can take a look at Infinity Ward’s Tweet on the core changes the update brings before we go over what has been changed in CoD: Modern Warfare.

Cabin Fever offers 6 vs. 6 matches on small maps and thus provides for a lot of chaos. The sense of urgency is ever-present in this mode because you die if you go without a kill for more than 30 seconds.

Gunfight tournaments are now available in 3v3 after previously being held to 2v2 only. Take down 16 troops with the randomized weapons and you’re a winner.

Two new weapon bundles will be added to the shop for both Modern Warfare and Warzone - Fool's Gold II and Toxic Ooze. Ronin – the new operator, who can also be purchased in a bundle, is playable in both modes.

For Warzone, the loot-money trios come back, removing the only duos mode from the game.

New Anti-Cheater Strategy

The anti-cheat measures are where Infinity Ward really get all the points.

From now on, when you report a player for cheating in MW or Warzone, you’ll be personally notified when that player is banned. And that’s hardly the funniest part of it all. Matchmaking will try and group suspected cheaters in the same game, essentially giving them a taste of their own medicine.

I must say, if it works, this is brilliant. There’s nothing more frustrating for a cheater than to encounter better cheaters so this might turn out to be exactly what the doctor prescribed.

Even more measures are going to be imposed, so we should expect the severe cheating problems of CoD: Modern Warfare and Warzone to be somewhat resolved. Do you believe the game could ever be cheater-free or is it a pipe dream?

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