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Industry Intel: We Are Not Changing Prices… Yet.

Industry Intel We Are Not Changing Prices yet

Well, at least one price is changing (Image credit: Psyonix)

Industry Intel time! The ongoing series dropping every Friday that tell you all you need to know about what’s been going on in the industry throughout the past week. Let’s talk about money!

Of course, the new game announcement trains haven’t reached its final destination yet, but this week major industry players have been talking a lot about money and pricing.

Game Prices Are Changing, Only Not Yet

This week we heard some major companies’ opinions on the matter.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer stated that the gaming industry can put whatever prices it wants, but it’s the gamers who ultimately decide what’s okay and what’s not. He expects the upcoming console generation to have a wide range of price points and move away from the standard “$60 for AAA, 20-ish for Indies” practice we’re so used to.

Speaking of AAA, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed that Ubi’s titles will remain priced at $60 on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, which shows that at least one of the biggest companies is not so willing to change the model just yet.

Lastly, one price is certainly changing - Rocket League is going free to play. To the dread of Steam fanatics though, everybody’s favorite card football game will be taken out of Steam to move to its new home over at the Epic Store.

More Money Talk

Some really cool things have been happening these last few days.

The controversial The Last Of Us Part II is reported to sell 2.8 million digital copies in June, surpassing the other Sony killer apps.

Over at Japan, the Persona series has now sold over 13 million copies worldwide, which is a great success for a niche genre.

Valve president Gabe Newell who’s been a “COVID Refugee” in New Zealand since March wants to thank the land of the hobbits by organizing a massive free concert in Auckland. Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

Remember Worms Armageddon?

In a really cool final piece of news, Worms Armageddon has been patched 21 years after its release. The update is deployed to celebrate developer Team17’s 25th birthday and fixes some old issues with the game, as well as some changes and even new content. Cool stuff!

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