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Industry Intel: Time to Мove Оn

Blizzcon key art

Sylvanas and Tracer can’t wait! (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Is it Friday? Is this EarlyGame? Then it’s Industry Intel time! Simple maths. If only the gaming industry was also that simple… This past week has been made by changes, rebrands, and shifts. Let’s get you up to speed.

Xbox Moves On

Microsoft has been removing all mentions of the “Xbox Game Pass” and rebrands it as simple “Game Pass” in a way to distinguish the PC subscription service from consoles. After all, many gamers are only in for glorious keyboard-and-mouse gaming and don’t care about Xbox, but this service can still benefit them, so the move makes total sense.

Blizzard Is at it Again

Two major Blizzard news was making headlines this week.

First, BlizzCon will have an online-only event in early 2021. This is meant to take the place of the traditional BlizzCon 2020 that was canceled in May due to the virus. The Anaheim company promises lots of exciting content - who knows, maybe they’ll even share some Overwatch 2 news already?

Second, Blizzard employees are reportedly gathering an anonymous list of everyone’s salary in hopes of demanding equal pay and less outrageous differences in financials. This comes hot on the heels of shareholders demanding less money for Activision boss Bobby Kotick, that we’ve been reporting in previous Industry Intels.

Halo Infinite Moves to Free-to-Play

Or at least its multiplayer portion does. While the game’s story will still be purchasable like a standard AAA title, Microsoft has promised a “groundbreaking” multiplayer gameplay “for everyone”. This also sounds like great news for esports fans, as now the shooter will be more approachable than ever.

Take-Two is Moving Away From the $60 Tag

The company has stated that the better quality of their next-gen titles is worth a price hike. This move is not shared by other game makers such as Ubisoft, who announced they will be sticking to the existing price models on their games.

Speaking of the devil, reportedly a Beyond Good and Evil Netflix movie is in the works. We don’t know any details yet, other than it won’t come out anytime soon and is directed by Rob Letterman of Detective Pikachu fame. Nice!

Well, that about does it for this Friday.

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