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Industry Intel: Releases and Release Dates

Street Fighter V key art

Wait, Street Fighter is 33 years old? (Image credit: Capcom)

Industry Intel is here once again, bringing you bite-sized news from the world of video game business in just one weekly article. The hype from events and the announcement race has now died down a little and it’s time to focus on the people making games and some spicy findings. Go, go, go!

Release Dates

A possible leak might have spoiled the exact release date of the Microsoft Xbox Series X. We knew it is coming “sometime in November” but a sticker on the controller meant for retailers suggests the console is coming out November 6.

A couple of noteworthy titles are now out - Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape is officially out from its very short beta period, and the 30-ish titles in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are now playable.

Another date we have is next year’s GDC, scheduled for July 19-23, which will be a hybrid show with physical and online portions - a trend we fully expect to see more of in the post-COVID world.

Finally, the release date of Halo Infinite is pushed to next year. The statement says that the original Holidays 2020 plan isn’t “sustainable” and mentions the global crisis as one of the sources for the delay. They better work hard on the free multiplayer part!


Street Fighter boss Yoshinori Ono is leaving Capcom. After almost 30 years of Hadoukens, Yoshinori-san is ready to pass the hand wraps to a new generation of producers. We weren’t provided official reasoning for the decision and the internet has been buzzing with speculations regarding problems with the current Street Fighter game in development. Whatever the case, we thank Mr. Ono for the service and wish him all the best!

In another departure-related story, producer Zach Mumbach of the former Visceral Games team stated that the guys were making great progress with Star Wars Ragtag before EA shut it down and the title was a Game of the Year contender, possibly even the best Star Wars game ever made. The problem was EA’s focus on multi-player that split the team and lead to the leaking of talent out. An interesting perspective.

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