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Welcome to this week’s Industry Intel where EarlyGame updates you on all the major industry news in just one short article.

The gaming industry has calmed down a little bit and now the marketing war is back at full swing. All major consoles, gaming platforms, and studios big and small are fighting for the gamers’ attention and wallets.

Pick Playstation!

Sony had a rocky start of the PS5 marketing season. While many fans got super excited, the company also received quite a bit of critique on various aspects of the game’s looks, specs, and features.

To fight the negativity, Playstation has been promising quite a bit of updates, including a completely revamped menu screen, an emphasis on value, not price, and one of their flagship exclusives, Grand Turismo 7 is said to benefit from pretty much all of the new consoles hardware specifics and gimmicks.

The PS5 reveal event has been enjoying a total of 80m views, so things are not looking half-bad.

Pick Steam!

PC gaming is doing well. The third Steam Summer Games Festival features over 900 playable demos after the event’s first edition had only 13 and the second one around 50 playable demos. To call this an uptick will be a gross understatement. It’s safe to say that demons are back in the business who declared them dead, which is a very interesting development.

In addition, Sea of Thieves has had it’s best month since the game’s release, and that’s solely thanks to its Steam release, proving once again the power of Valve’s digital storefront.

Pick GOG!

In yet another aggressive user acquisition move, CDPR is straight-up giving Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for free. That’s right, if you already own the AAA open-world smash hit on any platform (other than Switch!), you can sign in to the new GOG Galaxy app and claim a code there as well.

Pick up WB Games!

Fan of games such as Shadow of War, the Arkham, or Mortal Kombat series? Have $4 billion burning a hole in your pocket? AT&T is looking to sell WB Games right as the company has teased they’ve got something big to announce for next-gen consoles.

Pick local businesses!

Having less than 4b to spend? Pokémon GO’s got you covered. Niantic has opted to include 1000 small businesses in the game as PokeStops for a year. The initiative aims to promote struggling local businesses after the rough COVID-19 period. How nice of them!

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