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Industry Intel: There’s a Mario Shortage!

Industry intel theres a mario shortage

It’s-a me! Only there’s not-a enough of me to go around! (Image credit: Nintendo)

Welcome t yet another regularly scheduled Industry Intel where EarlyGame will get you up to speed with interesting events from the business side of video games. Not that much has been going on lately, so let’s do a quick recap.

Nintendo Made an Oopsie

It hasn’t been the best week for Nintendo. A few days ago, Nintendo accidentally spoiled the release date of the free-to-play, Epic-exclusive version of Rocket League through a message in their shop. This was later confirmed to indeed be September 23.

Then, a large British retailer contacted its customers and explained it can’t honor pre-orders for Super Mario 3D All-Stars because Nintendo didn’t allocate enough copies. They call the supply “woefully short” and stated that the Japanese game maker could not promise more shipments at a later date, indicating some serious potential issues with manufacture and shipping.

The Xbox S Will Have a Tiny Storage

To the disappointment of some Microsoft fans, the smaller brother to the Xbox Series X will have just 512GB of SSD. Reportedly, this was a cost-cutting maneuver to assure the best performance-to-price ratio. However, the system will be expandable with a 1 TB Seagate unit (currently rumored to cost around $220) and a USB 3.1 slot so you can plug in your own external storage device. At your own cost, of course.

Razer Made an Oopsie

Looks like every gamer’s favorite green-glowing hardware company had an unfortunate accident this week. A wrongly configured cluster of data owned by the company was made available publicly and even searchable through traditional search engines. The data of some 100,000 accounts was briefly exposed, giving savvy investigators access to potential purchase history, emails, addresses, and phones.

Razer apologized for the mistake and reportedly fixed it. While this sucks, we should at least be thankful that it was a single cluster, and not their entire user base - something that’s happened to other companies before.

Ubisoft Doesn’t Want to Mess with Monster

Data released by the US Patent and Trademark Office suggests that Monster energy drink might have taken an issue with Ubisoft’s game Gods and Monsters and this is what pushed the studio to rename it. The project was recently re-introduced as Immortals Fenyx Rising and by all accounts, this new name should be here to stay.

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