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Industry Intel: Leaks, AAA movement, Pac-Man at 40

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The yellow guy has been eating dots for four decades now. (Image credit: Bandai Namco.)

In this pilot edition of our Industry Intel series, we’ll bring you up to speed on all major news in the gaming industry from the past week in quick, bite-sized chunks. Let’s go!


Is it just us, or has the gaming industry neglected its security measures lately? First, the leaked source code of Nintendo 64, allowing gamers everywhere to run classic Mario and Donkey Kong games at glorious 4k resolution and 60FPS, was shut down. Then, a hacker was able to produce villagers for Animal Crossing and offer them for free to people - normally a paid feature of the game. Now the source code for another classic console - the original Xbox has been curling the internet, making it possible for people to run exclusive games, including the very first Halo, on other platforms.

Naughty Dog has ceased to copyright-strike YouTube channels that talk about their leaked title The Last of Us Part II.

Big money

CD Project Red, the studio behind the smash success Witcher franchise and the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, is now Europe’s most valuable gaming company. Their market capitalization is now valued at a whopping $8.13 billion

Tencent is starting a western AAA studio lead by Scott Warner - a big-budget game veteran, who has experience working for 343, EA Visceral, and Ubisoft. This is the Chinese giant’s first move to form a new studio in the West. They usually acquire already established franchises such as League of Legends.

Happy birthday, Pac-Man!

One of the most beloved retro video games and the unofficial face of our beloved medium is turning 40. It’s astonishing to think that such a simple game can stand the test of time and be just as fun and engaging today as it was four decades ago.

It’s definitely been a dynamic week for the industry, but you don’t have to wait a whole week to be in the know. For more news, analysis, and opinions, check EarlyGame daily!

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