Was he really just a victim?

"I didn't know!" - Fortnite FNCS Invitational winner banned for cheating

Fncs fortnite banned

Sekosama was banned after his victory in the Fortnite FNCS. (Image credit: Epic Games)

He had no idea he was being helped to win. At least that is what Sekosama claims, who first won the Fortnite FNCS and was later banned and excluded from the tournament.

It was a bitter end to the FNCS Invitational in Fortnite. Two winners, but somehow none. Because the first winner was banned just a few hours after he had won 1st place and the other one received his honor without much ballyhoo.

The $2 million FNCS Invitational brought together the best Fortnite players from around the world. However, it ended in Asia with a bitter aftertaste when the Japanese player "Sekosama" was banned for 14 days and his $15,000 prize was revoked.

What exactly happened?

Sekosama is said to have cheated by allegedly coordinating with another player. This "teammate" looted health packs and other important items before leaving them in hidden places for Sekosama to collect. His secret teammate is also said to have given him kills and information.

Epic reacted and disqualified the player a few hours after his victory. His prize money and the Axe of Champions, an in-game item that only the winner of the tournament owns, was taken away from Sekosama. In the video below the banished player says that he could only swing the axe for a few minutes:

(the Tweet above was deleted at some point)

Sekosama himself claims that he has not cheated. It would be a pure coincidence if his supposed teammate had helped him without his knowledge. Neither sounds very convincing. We don't believe that Epic would have acted so quickly without evidence.

The FNCS Invitational Asia title was handed over to the player "qjac" after Sekosama's suspension. The Japanese player led the rankings with 198 points, just one point ahead of "Magu" in second place. Nevertheless, it is not so nice to win so late, because someone else is said to have cheated and who then takes all the credit first. Better late and honest than never though.

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