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Hyper Scape vs. Valorant – Which Game Is Better?


The big comparison: Hyper Scape against Valorant. (Image credit: Riot Games/Ubisoft)

Valorant has only been out of the closed beta for five weeks, and there is already a shooter competitor in its closed beta: Hyper Scape. How are the two games similar? And what are the differences? We'll reveal it.

After Fortnite, Overwatch, and Call of Duty showed how successful shooter and battle royale can be, other developers want to get involved. The result? CoD: Warzone, Valorant, Crucible, and now Hyper Scape. Valorant seems to be catching up, especially in esports, but can Hyper Scape take over?

Valorant is a mix of CS:GO and Overwatch and Hyper Scape? Well, Hyper Scape is Apex Legends mixed with cyberpunk or Fortnite mixed with Overwatch depending how you look at it. Maybe it's just Warzone mixed with... oh, you know what we mean. The important thing is that there are certain small differences. And that's what we've been looking at right here.


Both the worlds of Valorant and Hyper Scape combine contemporary architecture with sci-fi elements. The animation style in Hyper Scape has this highly polished render style, which is deliberately not found in Valorant which looks like a potato. In Hyper Scape it shines and glitters much more. In short: here you get bling bling.

The movements are also much more rambling. Jumps are meter-high in the air and the movement feels different and much more fluid than in Valorant. Hyper Scape allows hardly any breathers. Pacing is immensely fast - Resident Sleeper is a foreign word in this world. The speed is damn high and the focus is on one thing: Aim!

  • EarlyGame tip: Valorant behaves more like CS:GO. Bunny-hopping in the latter is, therefore, a good strategy for moving around. In Hyper Scape you are not light as a feather, but the air time can quickly become your undoing. Try slides instead. You can accelerate while sliding (much like in Apex). And slide-cancelling should give you enough control over your character.
Hyper scape

Hyper Scape is incredibly fast. (Image credit: Ubisoft)


Here the difference is most obvious. Valorant doesn't have a battle royale mode yet and Hyper Scape is supposed to get two temporary additional modes, but how exactly these will look like is still unknown. Of course, the pace of the game in a 5v5-tactical shooter is different than in a BR with 33 teams.

Valorant is about taking out all enemies and planting or defusing the spike (bomb). In Hyper Scape, you must either kill all enemies or hold the crown for at least 45 seconds in order to secure victory. The games are very different in terms of modes but the weapon types and abilities could be a bridge between them.

  • EarlyGame side notes: Ubisoft has announced two upcoming time-limited modes - Turbo Mode and Hack Racing. The exact details are still uncertain. But it is certain that they will only be playable for a limited time.

Weapons & Abilities

The weapons

There are currently 9 weapons (10 if you count Harpy) in Hyper Scape. This is a lot less than the repertoire Valorant has to offer. Snipers, pistols, SMGs, RPGs are also available in Hyper Scape. However, the variation is so small that you can only pick your favorite type and that's it. It makes the choice very easy, but you can't always choose the lot. Valorant has learned this from its big brother Counter-Strike and offers finely crafted weapons, with specific spray patterns, damage and fire rates that take some time to learn. While we're at it, check out our Valorant Weapon Guide:

Valorant takes a point in the weapons department.

  • EarlyGame side notes: The Harpy, was recently announced as the latest weapon in Hyper Scape. We looking forward to another tool that will do some serious damage at short and medium range.

Hacks or Abilities

A cool extension in both games are the abilities and hacks. These special abilities allow the avatars or agents to use special powers in battle. In Valorant the abilities are generally used as utility like Flashbangs, Molotovs, Smokes, and two extra abilities that make the agent special. Each agent is limited to their skillset and you can only use those abilities. Thus agents are rather limited and picking your character will have a long-term impact on your match.

Things are different in Hyper Scape as you can never know what to expect. Hacks are lying all around the map and anyone can pick them up. This makes the whole situation much more unpredictable. The only downside is that you can only hold two Hacks at a time. They have different effects like resurrection, teleportation, shockwave, and more. Switching between those is easy as depending on the situation you might find teleportation more useful than the ability to create a wall.

There are 9 so far but that number may increase. Here we have a list with all hacks so far. The hacks have to be collected on the map first. While the number of skills in Valorant might be higher, Hyper Scape offers more variety and a fresh feel instead of rules set in stone. Point for Hyper Scape.

  • EarlyGame side notes: There will also be an expansion for the Hyper Scape Hacks soon. It will be a blast wave ability that can sling your opponents away. A super tactic for defense and to keep enemies away from the crown.

Features and Community

Valorant is often criticized here. The bans and the anti-cheat system, Vanguard, have fallen somewhat into disrepute. However, one has to give Riot credit for taking care of the community. The esports system is rather developed and was already in full swing after barely 2 weeks after launch (Valorant Ignition Series). The patches work more or less reliably and the necessary information is usually presented in a transparent manner on the game's social media. Actually a dream for every user. So what does Ubisoft have to offer with Hyper Scape?

Very simple: Crowncast. In theory the game should become a total hit for streamers and viewers. Battle pass points should be generated by stream views and streamers should be able to invite their viewers. This application is really community-friendly. How the patches and tournaments will look remains to be seen. It's really something fresh and new and right now we're wondering why other titles haven't done something like this. Definitely a point for Hyper Scape.

What do you think? Which game is better and which aspect have we forgotten or inspect in more detail? Write it to us on Facebook and Instagram!

How's Hyper Space any different?

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