Crossplay and cross-progession confirmed

Hyper Scape crossplay and release confirmed!

Hyper scape

Hyper Scape comes with crossplay and cross-progession. (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft's Battle Royale shooter Hyper Scape surprisingly started last week in the tech test on the PC. Interested people have until tomorrow to take a closer look at the CoD: Warzone competitors. Now the developers have confirmed that the title will offer crossplay and promote interaction.

With unique Twitch integration and exciting ideas, Hyper Scape has become one of the hottest titles on the streaming platform. The technical test of the PC version is still playable until the end of the day, but the shooter will also be released for PS4 and Xbox One. Now Ubisoft commented on Hyper Scape crossplay and even confirmed cross-progression.

Video credit: Ubisoft via YouTube

Hyper Scape Crossplay confirmed

The technical test of the futuristic Free2Play-Battle-Royale shooter Hyper Scape from Ubisoft will continue until the end of the day. So far only PC gamers have the chance to take a closer look at the CoD: Warzone and Apex Legends competitors, but that will change soon.

The game will also be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during 2020. Graeme Jennings, the senior producer at Ubisoft, has now revealed in an AMA on Reddit, Hyper Scape will offer crossplay and even cross-progression of Battle Pass. So progress on one platform can easily be transferred to another system:

The contents of the Technical Test battle pass are exclusive to players of the test. But the game will have cross progression once consoles launch, which means you can have those items on console if you jump into the TT now, so get in there!

Hyper Scape PS4 and Xbox One Release

Jennings also announced that Hyper Scape will be released in the summer of 2020 for PS4 and Xbox One (and as a final version for PC). At the same time, the team is looking at which platforms the battle royale shooter could still be implemented for. Of course, the next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are likely to be mentioned. Nintendo Switch and mobile would also be conceivable.

Until the Hyper Scape release, the developers have to work hard on the balancing of the weapons, because especially the Hexfire is still OP. Already in a few weeks, a second Hyper Scape Beta is supposed to start, which should also allow a first look at further game modes and what the game has to offer.

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