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Hwang Hee-Chan Ones To Watch SBC Solution

Hwang Hee-Chan Ones To Watch SBC

Hwang Hee-Chan has a good shot at becoming a valuable FUT card in time. (Image credit: EA Sports)

South Korean Hwang Hee-Chan wants to cause a sensation this season in the RB Leipzig attack. EA Sports have created a Ones To Watch card for him after his move to the Bundesliga. It's a real bargain and we have the cheapest Hwang Hee-Chan Ones To Watch SBC solution for you.

RB Leipzig lost premier goalscorer Timo Werner to Chelsea over the summer and had to find a replacement for the esteemed German. They hope that Hwang Hee-Chan is the answer to their prayers and so do FIFA 21 players who've decided to acquire the South Korean's Ones To Watch SBC card.

The Hwang Hee-Chan Ones To Watch SBC

  • Position: ST
  • Nationality: South Korea
  • League: Bundesliga
  • Team: RB Leipzig
  • OVR: 77
  • Weak Foot: 4 stars
  • Skill Moves: 3 stars
  • Price: approx. 12.000 coins
  • Expiry: October 18

The Highest Rated Players in FIFA 21

Timo Werner was popular in FIFA 20 mainly because of his high speed values. Hwang Hee-Chan fills this gap perfectly well. 93 speed and 4 stars weak foot are what stands out for the Korean striker. The rest of his stats are rather modest, as one would expect from a 77-rated player. With the modified Finisher Chemistry Style, however, the card begins to take shape with up to 85 shooting and 88 dribbling. Not to mention 99 agility.

It is expected that Hwang Hee-Chan is going to be an integral part of the RB Leipzig offense this season and with the attacking nature of Bundesliga football, he should definitely make one or two TOTWs in the future and become one of the best value for coins cards out there. A must-get if you field a Bundesliga-themed FUT squad.

Cheapest Solution

The Hwang Hee-Chan Ones To Watch SBC costs just under 12,000 coins. A single team must be handed in, with more than manageable requirements.

  • Bundesliga squad (Min. 1 Bundesliga player, min. 82 OVR, min. 65 chemistry)

Bundesliga Squad

Thank God for cheap goalkeepers! We've picked three of those in this Spanish fiesta of a team. Javier Martínez from Bayern München meets the league requirements while also keeping our chemistry up. Our team joins Zlatan whose 83 OVR takes us over that requirement.

Hwang Hee-Chan Ones To Watch SBC Team 1

This is Zlatan's team. You can just borrow it for the Hwang Hee-Chan Ones To Watch SBC. (Image credit: FUTBIN)

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