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How to survive the spike explosion with a simple Phoenix trick

Valorant Agent Phoenix

Phoenix can survive even spike explosions. (Image credit: Riot Games)

The spike explosion in Valorant kills everyone in its radius, whether attacker or defender. Phoenix, on the other hand, can survive the explosion with a simple trick.

The economy plays an important role in Valorant as well as in CS:GO. Even if you lose a round, it can give the team a decisive advantage to save their equipment into the next round. Every player who doesn't have to buy his skills and weapons in the next round can save money or drop something to his teammates - and so keep his team in the race.

Here is a quick explanation of Valorants Economy.

Both as an attacker and as a defender, it is best to get to safety before the spike explodes. This is not always possible though. Either one or more enemies have nailed you to the bomb site, or you didn't manage to escape from the blast radius in time. Usually, that means certain death, but not necessarily if you're Phoenix.

So far, Phoenix seems to be the only agent able to survive a spike explosion within the radius. All you need is a charged ultimate. If you use your ultimate ability Run it Back shortly before the spike explodes - which is easily recognized by the faster and faster beeping - you will reappear after the explosion at the position where you activated it. Timing is crucial here, but shouldn't be too difficult since the Ulti will last for a while. It is important that you are in the Ulti at the time of the explosion.

Especially if you like to play Phoenix offensively, this trick can give you better chances of victory in the next round. With the recently arrived patch 0.50 the economy becomes more important because some prices have been raised and therefore saving money is even more important than before.

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