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How to Get Valorant Points for Free

Valorant points free agent Sage

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You are short on money, but you still want to get Valorant points and some nice skins? Come and find the proven solution to that.

Riot Games has a very special relationship with the players and allows you to earn RP and Valorant points without spending any money. On Reddit, the user u/randomlitbois let his charm play at Riot Support and earned some extra points. A small price to pay for the Glitchpop Skins.


How did u/randomlitbois do that? Quite simply, Riot and League of Legends are known to spend credits when you submit artwork, for example. That's what Riot Support replied to the first request:

Valorant Points Support Mail

Image credit: u/randomlitbois

Without further ado a new work of art was created: "Sneaky Sage". The digital art-cultural treasure went for 40 VP to the support from Riot. Of course, it's not a fortune, but it's one of the most creative ways to get skins.

The Masterpiece

Well, let's say it's more... abstract, naive drawing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and art doesn't have to be beautiful. Art is art - and it fetches its price accordingly. Here comes "Sneaky Sage":

Sneaky Sage Valorant Points

The Valorant Artwork "Sneaky Sage". (Image credit: u/randomlitbois)

Here are all the steps you need to do in order to get some free VP!

  • Get a support ticket with the subject "General" or "Purchase & In-Game Content".
  • Phrase the sweetest message that captures the heart of Riot Support and wait for the answer.
  • Charm Riot Support with your artistic skills by sending your beautiful opus to Support.
  • The VP should arrive soon!

So young Picasso of the 5v5 Tactical Shooter, swing your brush and earn some extra Valorant points!

More news about Valorant and the world of gaming and esports can be found as always on EarlyGame and the EarlyGame YouTube channel.

Tasho Tashev

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