How to Get Better at Valorant - Part 2: Map Knowledge & Ability Lineups

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Map knowledge in Valorant is very important.(Image Credit: Blitz.gg/Riot Games)

In part 1 of this how to get better at Valorant trilogy, we talked about aim. There is no denying that aim is by far the most important aspect of Valorant, but it will only improve your game if you can pair it with map knowledge and ability lineups. There aren't a lot of maps in Valorant hence why it won't take you that much time to learn a couple of new things about every map available.

  1. Aim
  2. Map Knowledge & Ability Lineups
  3. Game Sense

Map Knowledge & Ability Lineups

In order to advance to a higher level of gameplay, you simply need to invest time into learning maps and especially ability lineups.

Below, we will provide you with essential information that will significantly reduce the time it takes for you to learn every map. We will also let you know the important abilities for every agent in Valorant so you get the most out of each of them.

How to Improve Map Knowledge

There are two ways for you to increase your map knowledge. The harder method is to simply play the game. As you gain experience, your map knowledge will continuously increase. Keep in mind that you will learn some spots the hard way (if your opponents are constantly killing from tricky angles).

The second method and a much better way of increasing map knowledge is to simply scroll through YouTube. There you will find various tutorials that will teach you the basics of every map and how to take advantage of certain angles, or how to hold default positions and so much more. Here is an example below.

ProGuides Valorant Tips, Tricks and Guides Via YouTube

Why is Map Knowledge so Important?

The main reason why map knowledge is important is that it will allow you to position and reposition yourself according to the callouts made by your team. If you can properly rotate and help your team stop a rush, you are doing everything a player with a good map knowledge should do.

Making proper calls to your teammates is the only way to win games. Yes, you can carry a game or two by dropping 30+ kills, but Valorant is a team game and the only way to get better at Valorant is to be a team player, so make sure you give info by making callouts.

Best Way to Learn Ability Lineups

There is no denying that a lot of people transitioned from CS:GO to Valorant. These types of players already have a brutal advantage because of the aim and muscle memory that CS:GO provided them with.

However, they are not used to using Abilities. Even if you lack in aim, you can still get an advantage over those players by simply learning a couple of ability lineups. Once again, we will provide you with a YouTube tutorial that will offer you different lineups of agents for every map.

SkillCapped Valorant Tips Tricks and Guides via YouTube

How Useful are Ability Lineups

Let’s just say that ability lineups in Valorant can be game-changing. One good Recon Bolt from Sova can spot your opponents and provide you with more than enough information to capitalize on.

Also, smokes and flashes are also super important. By smoking off certain areas of the map, you are supporting your team and enhancing your chance of winning the round.

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