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How to Get ABZU, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam FOR FREE!

How to get ABZU Rising Storm 2 Vietnam FOR FREE

You don’t have to dive this deep to find a great deal (Image credit: Giant Squid)

Two quality games are available to claim free of charge this week in the Epic Store. Here’s what they are all about and what you need to do to get them.

This week the Epic Store has not one, but two indie titles for you to enjoy and keep forever. They will be available to get until October 15, when they will be replaced by famed horror Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, and the pixel graphic darling Kingdom New Lands.

Video credit: Giant Squid via PlayStation


ABZU is a returning freebie on the Epic Store, and for a good reason. The short-and-sweet sea exploration game combines stunning visuals, a mystical worlds to explore, and an amazing soundtrack creating a sense of tranquility. If you like games like Journey, you will love this one. If you don’t feel like fighting a huge boss or navigating a challenging level, this is the perfect game to chill with after a long day. Get it here.

Red Storm 2: Vietnam

Video credit: Tripwire Interactive

In case you are looking for an intense battle, you’re in luck. Tripwire Interactive’s gritty war game includes massive 64-player battles, over 50 weapons to wield, and 20 maps. You can even “get to da choppa” with the 4 included flying machines. Free is pretty low cost for entry, so we expect to see tons of players populating the servers. If you want to be one of them, you can get the game here.

Next Thursday these games will go back to their prices of €15.99 and €21.00 respectively, so make sure you claim them even if you plan to play them later!

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