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How to complete the "High Octane" quest

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It’s week four in Season 5 and that means Apex Legends players can explore the latest quest and uncover a new artifact with High Octane.

Season 5 of Apex Legends brought a lot of new things but the most interesting one by far is the seasonal quest chain. Each week players will get a new hunt. We’ve already been through three of they and yesterday, Respawn Entertainment announced the release of the fourth quest – High Octane. Check out what you should expect in the new addition.

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Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

You jump from the dropship and have to deal with some prowlers (13 to be exact) while Pathfinder is trying to locate the artifact. Despite being armed with the iconic Mozambique and a P2020, the prowlers aren’t much of a challenge so you should have no problems. Once you’re done reducing the wildlife population Pathfinder will give you the location of the artifact. Note that there are multiple Octane jump pads scattered around so you can use those to accelerate.

In case you still haven’t found any good weapons fear not. Two care packages will drop right beside the artifact location and they’ll include two golden weapons and some more gear. Next up just deploy the drill and defend from the incoming waves of prowlers which are not that many. After that stage, all you have to do is return to the dropship and you’ll have over a minute to do so. That about covers it!

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This is one of the easier hunts so far as there aren’t any dangerous situations where you can get surrounded. The quest follows the typical progression of go in – kill prowlers – protect the harvesters – kill more prowlers – extract. It just works well. There might be something much more difficult coming up next, as the fifth hunt will be called “The Gauntlet” (get it cause of Octane’s Gauntlet). We can only guess it’ll be swarming with enemies and it’ll hopefully offer a little more of a challenge.

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