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Apex Legends: How to complete The Gauntlet quest

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Season 5 of Apex Legends brought weekly PvE quests and the time has come again. Today we take a look at hunt number five of the Broken Ghost questline.

The Broken Ghost is the seasonal questline which started with Season 5 of Apex Legends. Respawn introduced PvE content and it’s a breath of fresh air where players can relax from the usual PvP. Each completed quest unlocks rewards and gives more details about the lore behind Apex.

This week you venture out on a quest to save the adrenaline maniac Octane. The Gauntlet takes place in the area inside and around the Bunker Pass. Your initial loadout consists of a Wingman and P2020. Just as you drop you’ll find him lying on the ground near his death box which contains a Mozambique.

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Whether you want to pick it is entirely up to you, but we advise you to use the Wingman for this hunt. Enter the Bunker Pass and Gibby will kindly tell you to activate four panels. The facility has quite a lot of prowlers in it, but as long as you take it slow you shouldn’t have any trouble (and you have 8 minutes which is plenty of time). After all, it takes only two body shots or a single shot to the head with the Wingman to take a prowler down. Kick in the doors, kill the prowlers, and activate the panels. Once that’s done the exit on the other end of Bunker Pass will open.

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The moment you get out a small pack of prowlers will attack so make sure to take them out first. If you climb right above the drill you’ll find some gold equipment that will make things easier. Activate the harvester and wait for it to do its job while you try to stay alive. Instead of the regular prowlers you’ve encountered, there’ll be shadow ones. Thankfully it only takes one body shot to kill them. After you get the artifact you just have to make one final run to the dropship which lies right ahead. This will complete the quest and give you another piece of lore that continues the story. If you're only curious about the lore, then check out the video below.

Video credit: Youtube - WarbyGaming

Season 5 of Apex Legends has been quite successful so far and the PvE mode certainly plays a role in that. Respawn Entertainment have noted the high player interest in the mode and there'll surely be something else in store.

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