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How to complete Apex Legends Hunts 2 & 3

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Apex Legends Season 5 introduced weekly quests and a PvE mode. Take a look at how to solve the first few hunts if you’re planning on going solo.

Season 5 has been the biggest game-changer for Apex Legends. A new legend, a map rework, a shift in the weapon meta, but most importantly a new PvE mode. Each week a new piece of the main quest “Broken Ghost” will become available. We’ve already covered the first one which you can check here.

In case you fall behind, you can use Apex Coins to catch up, but that’s entirely up to you. Today we’ll take a quick tour through the second and third weekly quests part of the seasonal quest chain.

apex legends broken ghost

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Hunt Two: A Legend Falls

The second mission starts at The Cage where you drop with a P2020 and a Triple Take sniper rifle. You’ll have to go through some Prowlers in order to get to the Hydro Dam. Once there you’ll have your pick from various weapons. Loba is a good pick here, as you can see the loot from further away, so you won’t be wasting any time wandering around. If you’re going solo, Wraith might be a nice choice as she’ll easily escape surrounding Prowlers.

Next up you’ll have to solve some puzzles which we won’t spoil in order to open a very special door. Behind it is the next piece of the puzzle. After that, you’ll have to make your way through A LOT of Prowlers which you can also choose to ignore. Make it back to the dropship in one piece and that’s it.

apex legends revenant

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Hunt Three: Enter the Revenants

The third quest is rather different as you’re under Revenant’s control. You start out with no equipment and all you have are your melee attacks. Use them to destroy eight totems. When you get the final one, Revenant’s spell will be broken and you’ll be fully equipped with weapons and armor.

Then you have to reach the Mini Harvester and initiate the Artifact extraction procedure. You’ve probably already guessed that what follows is defending the device while it does its job. Once the artifact is out, grab it and run back to the dropship. There’s no preference for a legend here, so it’s all entirely your choice.

We hope this information serves you well and makes your journey through the quests a bit easier. A new hunt will be available next week, so make sure you don’t fall too far behind. As usual, stay tuned for more Apex news and make sure to check out EarlyGame for more content.

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