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How to Collect All the Fortnite Fish!


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We will probably never experience that the Battle-Royale hit Fortnite will ever be boring. Epic Games regularly keeps the game fresh and interesting with new special events that always provide plenty of variety. Every season, more fun awaits us, which guarantees a fresh gaming experience with unique features.

The current Season 4 is no exception. With the collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel, we not only got numerous superhero skins, but also the superheroes themselves in the game! Defeat one of the Avengers on the map and get a mythical weapon that gives you unique and very strong abilities. Whether it’s Iron Man's Repulsor Glove or Wolverine's Claws - with the effects of these weapons you will be always one step ahead of your opponent.

The same applies to the wet living beings, to which we dedicate ourselves in this list. The fishing friends among you will also get their money's worth in the current season. The fishing feature has been around in Fortnite for quite some time, but with Season 4, a lot of new interesting fish have been added to the local lakes that have all kinds of cool effects at their disposal. Granted, fishing is not necessarily the most exciting activity in Fortnite. Who sits down by the coast in a fishing hat while rocket launchers and assault rifles are fired behind them, right?

But you should know one thing: It is worth it! The fish can not only be incredibly useful items that give you the necessary advantage in the final fight, but also provide you with effects that can become true game changers within the game. A fish that turns your entire inventory into legendary items? Sounds too good to be true but in the world of Fortnite fishes almost everything is possible. In today's list we have listed all Fortnite fishes and show you what special effects they bring you. In this sense - put on your fishing hat and start fishing!

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