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Hot News on League of Legends Patch 10.15: Evil Buffs & Nerfs!

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Aphelios 1

Aphelios fans will not like LoL Patch 10.15. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Lee Sin and Aphelios are currently too strong for Riot, but Yuumi gets a buff. The first preview for the buffs and nerfs in the LoL patch 10.15 is out.

As usual, gameplay chief designer Mark "Scruffy" Yetter released the preview of the upcoming patch 10.15 yesterday. The most notable nerfs are for Aphelios and Lee Sin. Don't we already hear the first outcry in the community? Yes, because the two champs are very popular and have had many gigs in the LEC and LCS lately, but their strong performance in pro-play could be their downfall.

The Fans' Favorites Are Weakened

It will be the eighth nerf for Aphelios in one season. Riot, will you stop before the champ is dead? Aphelios mains must be strong now, as all opponents get more counterplay options against the ADC. His turret, fires on enemies who approach him and this tower now takes longer to attack, which can be crucial in 1v1 situations. However, we fear that Aphelios' nerf journey will not end for a long time and we will continue to see his name in future patch notes. Probably on his tombstone at last.

The Lee Sin change is a direct answer to his performance in pro-play. In the SoloQ the win rate stays at around 47-49% so the monk doesn't really need any nerfs. It's a whole different scenario when Lee Sin is in the hands of the right players. We last saw in the LEC when MAD Shad0w was able to shine. The champ is very strong in the early game, so it's possible that Riot will reduce his base damage.

Unfortunately, there is no more information about the nerf yet but stay tuned as we'll let you know if there is anything new.

Lee Sin 28

Will he soon be too weak for the SoloQ? (Image credit: Riot Games)

Also nerfed in the patch:

  • Ornn
  • Tank Fiddlesticks
  • Twisted Fate
  • Thresh

Yuumi Buff

Riot? Why the cat? Nobody likes Yuumi, at least nobody who has to play against her. In fact, she's one of the best supports these days. On her own team, she means healing, shields, and even more healing. Now Riot wants to increase mana retention through the passive. That means Yuumi has to leave her ADC less often to have enough mana for the lane. The buff strengthens her sustain in lane, which is very important for support champions.

The danger now is that the champ can use skills more often with the mana buff. If this allows Yuumi to jump from champ to champ permanently and distribute shields and healing, her ban rate will increase dramatically. What a crying shame.

Skarner and Swain Become Stronger

Skarner finally gets his long-overdue buff. The champ was rarely seen in the rift lately and his win rate was no reason to peck him at all. The damage on his Crystal Cut Q ability is increased and now scales with the max. life of the opponent. The projectile on his E skill will no longer slow down when hitting enemies.

players can also look forward to some changes. His cooldowns are reduced and his passive now scales with CDR. However, he will lose mana preservation through the passive. His Death's Hand Q ability now has a lower cooldown and moves through enemy champions. The W gets more range and lower mana cost, but also less damage. The E has a lower mana cost and a lower cooldown.

These also got buffed:

  • Caitlyn
  • Irelia
  • Gragas
  • Shen

The patch preview is preliminary and many things can still change until the official release of 10.15. Hopefully, there will be more good news on the buff side and less nerfs. When the time comes, expect an update, the patch is scheduled for July 22.

More news on Patch 10.15 and League of Legends can be found on EarlyGame, including the latest events in the pro scene and everything about the champion Yone.

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