Bug Fixes and Dark Nexus Skins

Heroes of the Storm Patch: Tassadar Rework and Dark Nexus Skins

Tassadar rework hots patch

Tassadar is completely reworked in the new HotS Patch. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

It has been quiet around the MOBA Heroes of the Storm for a long time. Some smaller events, no esports. But now Blizzard seems to have picked up some speed again. With a new, very big patch that completely reworks the Savior of the Templars.

After the new hero Deathwing there was not too much to report about Heroes of the Storm. But obviously the developers in the Corona Quarantine are as bored as we are because they have prepared a gigantic patch. And one particular supporter was given a particularly intensive overhaul: Tassadar. There are also very nice Dark Nexus Skins.

Tassadar, the savior of the Templars

As perpetual C-Tier support, Tassadar was not so often seen in ranked and quick searches, but that could change now. With the new HotS patch, a complete rework of this hero will be released, making his Ultimate, a standard ability. Yes, that's right. His previous Ulti is now available on E: the Force Wall just as we remember it. It stops enemies from moving over the obstacle for 2 seconds. Psionic Storm has remained as (W), but the Q has also been adjusted: no shield protecting allies anymore. Another Damage ability has been added for this: Shock Ray. And at some point, we realized: Tassadar is no longer support. Here is the explanation of the developers:

We felt there was a discrepancy between his hero kit/game style and the fantasy of a Templar. That's why we re-imagined Tassadar from scratch as a skill-based ranged Assassin with many similarities to Kael'thas or Gul'dan.

Besides Shock Ray, there's a new Ulti: Black Hole. After a delay of 0.5 seconds, a black hole starts moving. During the journey, it quickly draws the enemy heroes into its center, and a touch of the center deals 310 damage and stuns them for 1.25 seconds. That sounds like fun!

The new Ultimate Black Hole and some build opportunities from Tassadar. (Iamge credit: Blizzard Entertainment / NotParadox via YouTube)

Dark Nexus Skins

Now, just for a short time - so to speak, because the Dark Nexus Skins (there are also "Dark Nexus" bundles and mounts) are only temporarily available and look wonderfully gloomy at times.

  • Dark Nexus Deathwing
    • Shattered Dark Nexus Deathwing
    • Forgotten Dark Nexus Deathwing
    • Awakened Dark Nexus Deathwing
    • Astral Dark Nexus Deathwing
  • Dark Nexus Fenix
    • Imperial Dark Nexus Fenix
    • Awakened Dark Nexus Fenix
    • Eldritch Dark Nexus Fenix
    • Astral Dark Nexus Fenix
  • Dark Nexus Tassadar
    • Forgotten Dark Nexus Tassadar
    • Awakened Dark Nexus Tassadar
    • Eldritch Dark Nexus Tassadar
    • Astral Dark Nexus Tassadar
  • Dark Nexus Gul’dan
    • Entropic Dark Nexus Gul’dan
    • Sadistic Dark Nexus Gul’dan
  • Dark Nexus Alarak
    • Astral Dark Nexus Alarak
    • Awakened Dark Nexus Alarak
Dark Nexus Deathwing patch

Dark Nexus Deathwing. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Nexus Anomaly - A Call For Help

Nexus Anomalies are changes the development team makes every few months or so and depending on the community feedback they may remain in the game. You often get attacked by an enemy Assassin and the only way to get to safety is to go to the tower. Unfortunately, that rarely helped, because the towers could deter, but clever enemies were able to avoid their attacks - with Minions remaining as the primary focus. That is about to change. Enemy heroes are to be given preference when attacking another who is near the tower. That's one way to make life easier for all the Glass Cannons out there...

All further details about the patch notes can be found on the Blizzard homepage. The update will be tested on the test servers until April 13, when we can look forward to a lot of new content for Heroes of the Storm. And don't forget, the free2play promotion has been extended. Until April 13 all heroes in HotS are free to play! Another surprise could be just around the corner with Raven Lord Oberon. In the meantime stay tuned for more Gaming news.

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