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HenryG responds to accusations, the tides turn

HenryG responfs to accusations

HenryG was dragged into a nasty Twitter war, but is in with a chance to get out clean. (Image credit:

CS:GO caster Henry “HenryG” Greer has responded to former girlfriend Kelly Jean’s accusations and oh boy, have the tides turned.

Jean exploded the CS:GO scene with allegations thrown HenryG’s way ranging from verbal and emotional abuse to claims of borderline rape. The R word was never explicitly mentioned, but the event described by Jean was that of Greer having sex with her without her consent. That is quite literally the definition of rape, so understandably people reacted in supportive manner to her initial claims and things looked grim for HenryG.

Late last night the man responded and the moods suddenly switched. The overwhelming support for the cosplayer moved almost entirely towards HenryG’s corner as he addressed the most serious allegations with screenshots of his own that shine a different light on the situation:

HenryG screenshot 1
HenryG screenshot 2
HenryG screenshot 3
HenryG screenshot 4

The whole text pretty much tears up the allegations made by Jean (except those that Henry was a crappy boyfriend, which is a pity) and her response on Twitter does not make her look any better in the eyes of the public.

Kelly Jean tweeted out about a dozen times in the span of less than an hour following Greer’s official response. All of them aimed to discredit his explanations and further implicate the caster, but all of a sudden, a couple hours later, they were all gone. What’s been on the internet stays on the internet, however, and we made sure that every single one of those tweets is engraved right here for all to see.

Kelly Jean tweet 1
Kelly Jean tweet 2
Kelly Jean tweet 3
Kelly Jean tweet 4
Kelly Jean tweet 5

A couple of more hours passed and Jean managed to somehow further damage her stance by limiting access to her Twitter account, which is totally what a person who’s in the right would do.

Kelly Jean tweet 6

Of course, it is not up to us to decide who’s right or wrong and the verdict is still out there, but right now, it seems like the accusations are at best thrown way out of proportion and at worst partially true or false altogether.

HenryG said he doesn’t intend on commenting on the situation anymore, yet Jean, while her Twitter was still active, revealed she’s planning on writing another TwitLonger post as a response to HenryG’s text. We’re curious whether or not that will happen following the heavy community backlash under her tweets (that surely aided her account’s privacy settings being changed).

Of course, in case of any development past this point, EarlyGame will be there to report on it.

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