HenryG and Kassad to Reshape Cloud9 CS:GO Roster

Cloud9 hire HenryG and kassad
Cloud9's CS:GO revolution begins with the hiring of HenryG and kassad. (Image credit: Cloud9 via Twitter)

Major-winning CS:GO organization Cloud9 have announced their intentions to completely reorganize the makeup of their CS:GO roster. As part of the rebuild, the premier org has appointed a couple of well-known names on the scene - Henry "HenryG" Greer and Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović, to steer the team forward.

Facelift for the Cloud9 CS:GO Roster

The first step in Cloud9's plan of rediscovering their CS:GO touch was to make it clear that the current South African-American mixture of players will be let go. That will not happen immediately, however. Johnny "⁠JT⁠" Theodosiou, Aran "⁠Sonic⁠" Groesbeek, Ricky "⁠floppy⁠" Kemery, Josh "⁠oSee⁠" Ohm, and Ian "⁠motm⁠" Hardy will continue to play under the Cloud9 banner until a new roster is established. The players are still available for purchase with immediate effect in case an organization is interested.

HenryG Takes Control

The new Cloud9 roster will be constructed by the newly appointed general manager HenryG. The former CS:GO caster announced his retirement from that profession the other day and hinted that something big was coming up. Well, he didn't lie and in his own words, this is a bold move on C9's part and a challenge he's eager to take on.

My plans for this team are certainly ambitious. I wouldn't be involved in any sort of General Manager role unless I had absolute full control of the roster and direction we plan to head. C9 have entrusted me with their entire CS:GO dynasty and, honestly, I think that's one of the boldest moves any org has made in a long time. The Cloud9 Brand speaks for itself, it is one of the absolute cornerstones of the esports landscape. I'm aware there is a certain level of expectation going forward now. Failure simply isn't an option.
— HenryG via Dexerto

As for kassad, the Serbian had been looking for a team to coach for almost half a year since departing 100 Thieves. Through his work at Renegades and later 100 Thieves, kassad has built a respectable raport and is considered one of the best coaches around, especially when it comes to developing talent. The pair seem to have great synergy at this very early stage and it would be interesting to see what they are about to cook up at Cloud9.

I think this is going to be one great project. After just a couple of conversations with Cloud9 and Henry, I realized that we see things the same way. He is super enthusiastic, focused and energetic about this and it really lit the spark that I thought I had lost in the last couple of months. Cloud9 is one of the most respectable orgs in esports and we are going to make sure we put in everything we have to build the CS:GO team they deserve.

— kassad via Dexerto

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