Will the title make it out from early access?

Hell Let Loose: A tactical shooter with potential

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If you want to win in Hell let Loose you have to do one thing: come to an agreement. Otherwise, everything is already lost. Does the shooter really have the potential a lot of people see?

Developer studios like to reach into the dusty box of world history when it comes to the settings of their games. The Second World War is very much in demand. This can be seen, for example, in the newly released titles like Battlefield 5 or Call of Duty World War 2. Now another developer, Black Matter, dares to tackle the controversial topic in the form of an online shooter where one thing is above all else: Collusion. Those who do not come to an agreement with their team have already lost the round. The game Hell let Loose is currently still in early access on Steam - and we wonder if it really has the potential to become a hit.

The game's principle

Hell Let Loose puts us in the position of a soldier of the Allies or the Axis powers. You fight as a six-man squad and go to war on a huge battlefield. The servers offer space for up to 100 players, i.e. 50 against 50. Currently, Hell Let Loose contains eight different maps. These maps are based on real locations of the Second World War, using real reconnaissance and satellite data. You can also go into battle in 2 modes: The offensive and warfare modes. While in Warfare mode you have to control all sectors or hold a large part of the areas during the course of the game in order to win, in Offensive mode one faction holds all sectors at the beginning of the game, which have to be taken by the attackers piece by piece before the time runs out.

Communication and agreement is the highest command in Hell Let Loose. Anyone who does not communicate with his squad and the rest of your team will lose immediately. Unfortunately, this is where the first problem begins: Not all players follow this commandment. Sometimes you get into a squad with players who don't answer or don't understand you at all. This, of course, leads to limited communication and eventually defeat. The game is definitely not for casual players or for people who don't like to talk to strangers.

Observation is also a crucial part of the game. You can only recognize allies if you aim long enough, which is not always possible in a hot fight. Before mowing down one of your team members, make sure you memorize the uniforms and look at the map from time to time to distinguish friend from foe. There's also no hit markers, so make sure to always keep an eye out.

Hell Let Loose Infantry and Tank

Working together is an important key to victory in Hell Let Loose (Image credit: Team 17)

The class system

Just about every online shooter offers players, several classes, to choose from. Hell Let Loose also does it, but here you can choose one from a total of 14 different roles. Each class fulfills a different, specific task. The pioneer, for example, is responsible for repairing tanks and creating obstacles, while the officer leads the squad and takes orders from the commander. There can only be one commander per team, and he assigns tasks to the squads, maintains a strategic overview, and, if necessary, supplies the team with airstrikes, supplies, or heavy equipment such as tanks.

However, the classic aspect of equipment is omitted, as Hell Let Loose has assigned fixed equipment to the classes. Almost every role has a carbine as a weapon, except the roles of the machine gunner, assault soldier, automatic rifleman, and of course the squad leader. To give the squad even the slightest chance against a tank, the anti-tank soldier is available with a rocket launcher. The weapons of the classes come without visors, except the sniper's weapon. The handling of the weapons is nevertheless accurate and just as realistically implemented. Usually, you are put out of action at the first hit, should you be hit at the torso. The limbs can withstand a little more, but only to a limited extent. Of course, it's all over right away when you get hit in the head. Don't worry though as for minor injuries there are two bandages for each role as standard equipment. If you are incapacitated, you can only be resuscitated by a paramedic with his syringe much like Battlefield.

Hell Let Loose does not hold back with the vehicles either. The game offers a total of 8 different ones. On the German sides the light reconnaissance tank Puma, the light tank II Luch, the medium Panther Panzer V, and the Tiger Panzer IV. On the American side the M8 Greyhound as a reconnaissance vehicle, the M5 Scott, the medium-heavy Sherman M4, and its heavier brother the Sherman Firefly. The tank crew also has the possibility to choose between a tank commander (equivalent to an officer of an infantry squad) and a simple crew member.

Hell Let Loose MP 40

The Unreal Engine 4 makes it possible: What a view. (Image credit: Team 17)

Nice graphics, good sound

Hell Let Loose is based on the Unreal Engine 4, which gives the game a realistic look. The textures are sharp and nothing blurs in the distance. The sun shines on almost every map - except on the new Map Hill 400 in offensive mode and Map Foy. There the view is more than just fog. To hit an opponent in this soup is like winning the lottery. When the sunlight hits metal or glass, it is reflected. The World War II shooter already has a very nice and realistic ambiance in early access, which you can also say about the sound. Many of the sounds are as close to the real thing as possible. If you stand right next to an artillery impact, you almost lose your hearing. But if you are a few kilometers away, you can hear the projectile approaching, but you only see it hitting the target and may still feel the shock wave. Hell Let Loose offers a lot in terms of looks and in-game sound already in early access and you can only be curious how it will develop in the finished game.

Well-filled servers are available

After initial difficulties in finding a server with a certain number of players and all, everything seems to be settled. It has now even become difficult to connect to some servers as they are always well filled. The performance of the servers has been improved significantly with regard to the beginning of the early-access phase so that you can enjoy a good gaming experience without high ping.

Hellletloose roadmap

The final roadmap for Hell Let Loose shows what's new for the upcoming update and what the developers are planning for the future. (Image credit: Team17)

Early-Access with promising Roadmap System

According to Publisher Team 17, they want to leave the early access status of "Hell let Loose" soon and then release the game as a full title. Until then, they'll keep improving the game with fixes and new content together with the players. Besides this, they want to change a lot of the gameplay and the acoustics. To this end, the developer will publish roadmaps at regular intervals, in which the next steps for the game will be presented to the community.


Hell Let Loose has a lot of potential and could be an interesting team shooter. From today's point of view, the game can definitely be recommended. The title may still be in early access but it already has plenty going on for it. The level of realism it offers may not be for everyone, but it sure is an interesting take on the genre. It'll just be a matter of finding the right audience. How Hell Let Loose will develop in the future can be followed by the regular mail of the developers via Steam. For more gaming news, make sure to check out EarlyGame.

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