Hearthstone’s duplicate protection reportedly doesn't work

Hearthstone dumplicate protection bug

Apparently the Duplicate Protection feature does not quite work right. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.)

Player reports indicate the brand new duplicate protection system in Hearthstone might be buggy and more than three cards keep dropping from seasonal Reward Chests. Blizzard are looking at the issue.

Remember the massive year-long roadmap that Blizzard announced for Hearthstone’s Year of the Phoenix? Besides the new content and mysterious new game mode, one of the cool new quality of life features was duplicate protection. It’s supposed to make sure no more than three non-golden copies of Common, Rare and Epic cards, and no more than one copy of a Legendary card will ever be included in your boosters until you collect all cards from the rarity level. This is meant to ensure that you get more unique cards and expand your collection, instead of hitting the same Murloc over and over again.

Well, turns out that this system doesn’t quite work outside of boosters, namely the newly-revamped seasonal Reward Chests. Blizzard devs are in on the issue, as was communicated via a blue post in the official forum. The message simply reads:

Hey everyone,
We’ve seen reports of players receiving duplicate cards from their April Rewards Chest. We’ve investigated this and determined that duplicate protection was not applied to individual cards in chest rewards, just packs.
For the May Rewards Chest, we will be implementing an improvement that does the duplicate check on the chest level, which will result in all chest rewards being covered by the new protection rules.

Looks like things are right on track for the next Rewards Chest at the start of next month. It kind of sucks that some people were hit by the bug and no official apology packs are being issued, but it definitely isn’t the end of the world.

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