Look at my golden six-pack

Hearthstone Golden Packs up for grabs until May 26

Hearthstone gold packs

A treasure trove of shiny cards. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.)

You’ve got a couple of days left to purchase a bundle of six all-golden Classic packs to enhance, and more importantly, bling-out your Hearthstone collection. Shiny!

While none of us will ever be able to take the candle, we can rob the Kobold King of another prized possession - six packs of all-golden cards.

These work just like normal Classic packs. When opened, they will reveal five cards, one of which is Rare or better, and none of them will be duplicates if we already own two copies of them in golden. The big difference is that all the cards will be shiny, sporting the eye-catching precious metal frame and animated artwork.

But is this bundle worth its weight in gold? It actually costs about $15 inside the battle.net shop. Obviously, there is a stark difference compared to the price of 2 normal Classic packs, which is $2.99 and a bundle of seven packs, coming at $9.99. Oh, and if you’re new, there is a one-time offer of 10 whole Classic packs and a Legendary to kick off your collection for just $4.99.

That being said, this offer is not really for new players. If you are serious about your Hearthstone, want to compete in tournaments and want to really show off your style, you might be interested in some bling, and that’s exactly where this bundle comes in.

In any case, you’ve got about two days left to make a decision, because after that time period the bundle will be off the store shelf.

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