Ain’t no rest for the wicked Demon Hunters

Hearthstone 17.4.1 Patch Notes

Hearthstone 17 4 1 patch notes

Feel the hatred of 10,000 nerfs! (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Hearthstone just dropped a new balance patch tweaking some Battleground cards and a couple of… Demon Hunter spells. Again.

Blizzard really dropped the ball with Demon Hunter, didn’t they? Coming on the heels of one of the game’s biggest balance changes just a day after the 10th class release, now they are pimping the Demon Hunter some more. But before we go on, let’s address some minor changes first.

Bug Fixes

Blizzard have fixed two separate problems with the Hero Powers of Battleground heroes Lady Vashj and Maiev Shadowsong to trigger unintended effects in the shop phase.

Also, the Deathrattle for Sneed's Old Shredder will now summon Legendary minions added to the game recently. Good stuff!

Battlegrounds changes

Keeping with the theme of Blizzard adding new heroes and then tweaking them with patches,

Lord Jaraxxus, Reno Jackson, and Millificient Manastorm get their Hero Powers buffed while Maiev Shadowsong gets a rules improvement reading:

Dormant minions no longer reduce the number of minions you see when refreshing Bob’s Tavern (Unless you’re at Tier 6 and have 2 Dormant minions in play, then it will reduce by 1).

In addition, three beasties will be changed as well. Scavenging Hyena will now be a Tier 1 Beast, Rabid Saurolisk moves to Tier 2, and Monstrous Macaw goes straight to Tier 3.

Demon Hunter changed. Again.

Two spells will be changed for balance reasons. First, Twin Slice will now cost 1 Mana instead of 0, but will also provide +2 Attack instead of just +1.

The second change, pun intended, comes to Second Slice. The change is exactly the same - the spell will cost 1 Mana and provide +2 Attack from now on.

The spells get an increase in Mana price, but also in potential damage output, so this is not necessarily a nerf - the two spells just move one step upwards in the mana curve, which means you need to look at them with a new perspective when you’re building decks.

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