With the defeat of Rogue, the former rookies are now on top of the LEC

Hear me roar: MAD Lions alone in first place at the LEC

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The clash with Rogue would decide which of the breakout teams would be on top of the leaderboard of the LEC 2020 Summer Split. MAD Lions prevailed and once more showed why right now they are the best team in Europe.

After six games, MAD Lions and Rogue – two teams that most had expected to see around the middle of the table – had a joint first place with five wins and one loss each. This made their showdown in the penultimate Saturday game that much more exciting. Only one team would retain its place on the top of the table - but which one?

A good beginning for MAD

It was the Spanish team that drew first blood with an early gank from Zhiqiang "Shad0w" Zhao’s Ivern. His team would slowly but surely grow a gold and pressure lead in the early game and were nearly 3K gold ahead at the 15-minute mark.

As the mid game started, Rogue started applying more pressure but it all went awry 21 minutes in when the Lions got a 2-0 fight and an infernal drake, their third of the game.

Image credit: Boyan Penev

A valiant effort but in vain

Rogue were committed to deny their opponents an early infernal soul and while they secured the next drake, MAD Lions took a kill and ran for the Baron, taking the much bigger objective to extend their lead and push for the enemy base. Eventually, Rogue got a kill in the defense and attempted to get some more with a deep teleport flank by Emil "Larssen" Larsson’s Ekko. However, MAD collapsed on the flanker, routed Rogue and chased them into their base to secure the win.

With this victory, MAD Lions now stand alone in first place with a 6:1 record. After losing the opening game of the season to G2 Esports they are on a six-game winning streak and have defeated most other major contenders. Rogue showed potential for more, but despite coming close in several big fights they were not able to seal the deal.


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