Happy Birthday Fortnite!

Happy Fortnite to You: Find All the Birthday Cakes!

Birthday cake fortnite

Have a slice of cake while you hunt for kills (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Are you wondering where to find the birthday cakes in Fortnite? Don't worry, in this article, we will show you all the locations.

Fortnite has a birthday! It really seems like Fortnite has been out forever, but the Battle Royale is actually only three years old. This year is the first one in which the birthday falls on the official release day of the Battle Royale and not Save the World.

But one thing remained the same: This year again there will be birthday challenges plus cool in-game rewards. One of the main challenges asks players to dance in front of various birthday cakes that can be found on the map. Yes, a big cake dance party! Overcoming this challenge is really as easy as it sounds: Just find one of the Fortnite birthday cakes and trigger a gesture nearby it.

It's simple: dance before ten different birthday cakes, so it is very helpful to know where they are all located. Fortunately, they are so big that you can hardly miss them. You just have to survive long enough to complete the task, so we advise you to complete this task in the Group Wedges mode. After completing all the challenges, you will receive a very sweet cake Back Bling, among other things. But where are all the Fortnite cakes you ask?

Fortnite Birthday Cakes: All Locations

Here is a list of places where all birthday cakes from Fortnite are located:

  • Doom's Domain
  • Dirty Docks
  • Sweaty Sands
  • Salty Springs
  • Holly Hedges
  • Weeping Woods
  • Lazy Lake
  • Retail Row
  • Slurpy Swamp
  • Misty Meadows

The locations themselves are pretty easy to find, so we made you a map with the approximate locations of each POI:

Fortnite Birthday Cakes Locations

Fortnite Birthday Cakes (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Now nothing stands in the way of your birthday rewards. We wish you a wonderful celebration and fun with the challenges.

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