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Hades: The Best Game You Didn't Know Existed! Must Play!


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Hades by Supergiant Games is probably THE sleeper-hit of 2020. Actually, scratch the ‘probably’ - Hades is one of the best games of the year. Developer Supergiant Games has proven their knack for quality with Transistor and Bastion and now, with Hades, they absolutely knocked it out the park. In the game you play Zagreus, son of the eponymous God of the Underworld and you try to escape the underworld because you have no interest in ruling it. The game follows Zagreus’ journey to the mortal world and while doing so it is very much a roguelite title that mixes elements of Diablo with elements of Dark Souls. However, unlike other roguelite games, where the story takes a backseat, the story is front, side and center in Hades:

The game is very difficult, but that is absolutely intentional. The story doesn’t progress upon achieving success but rather it progresses every time you die. This is a fundamental change in the way the game is approached and makes you look forward to every in-game death that sees you set back to the very start. The beauty of this is that the whole game-world remembers your failure: Allies from the Greek mythology - Achilles, Aphrodite, Zeus - will mock, encourage and support you with custom interaction and upgrades and enemies will remember that you took them down before you failed at a later stage, and they will apply new tactics or show up with new allies. The game evolves with every new attempt and it almost makes you not want to finish it.

Truly a unique and original IP that, all in all, will take you at least 40 hours to get through and that is available for the Nintendo Switch and the PC.

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