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Ground Emotes Coming to Apex Legends Season 6?

Apex Legends Season 6
Apex Legends Season 6 Emotes?

Apex Season 6 has a new leak that may indicate a new feature is coming to the game. It is a feature that lets you troll other players with different emotes, but appears to still be in development.

Season 6 of the battle royale game came to PS4, Xbox One, and PC and sadly did not include a new map - so we will have to settle for showing off our dance skills after a sick kill.

On Twitter, Apex Legends dataminer “Shrugtal” posted a new image from a recent developer stream that shows off unreleased emotes on the players’ HuD.

The three emotes seen on the steam were icons, one looks like a backflip and the other looks like a surfer - at the top was a thumbs up icon. Nothing has been confirmed, and this could simply be a test that never sees the day of light.

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