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How badly do you want this game? Yes.

Sony Announced Zelda-Like VR Exclusive for PS5 & PS4

Zenith Zelda Like VR PlayStation Game
Zenith is an MMO set in fantasy-cyberpunk world. Yup. We do generic captions from time to time. (Credit: Zenith)

Sony announced a bunch of PSVR games today and one of them stands out from the crowd: Zenith – a Zelda-like JRPG VR MMO. Yup. Read that again to get even more hyped.

Zenith. Zelda. Z. Z. Wait a minute... this is not just Zelda-inspired. This is an utterly shameless rip-off. Z has forever been one of the toughest Scrabble letters. There's no way you just randomly have a game starting with a Z...

The audacity...

Zenith Trailer

At this point, other websites like to transcribe what's happening in the trailer to buff out their articles. We're not other websites. We believe in your ability to watch. 

What is Zenith? What's the Gameplay Like?

So this is Zenith in a nutshell: 

  • Open world
  • MMO
  • Anime & JRPG influences
  • Swords, magic, bows, bosses, raids and dungeons – the usual
  • Guilds & Class systems with DPS, Mages and tanks

You can read more about the game on the official blog, where Sony goes into much more detail.

The special thing about Zenith is that these classes are not set in stone in the traditional way. In this game, mages can tank and DPS players can heal. This decision was made by the devs to make the game accessible for both solo and team play.

We like it. 

Zenith Zelda Like VR PlayStation Game
4 hours? It takes some of our writers longer than that to write their articles... (Credit: Zenith)

Why is Zenith Similar to Zelda?

Well for one, there are the obvious aesthetic similarity to Breath of the Wild. Besides that, there's another thing that no game will ever be allowed to do without Zelda fanboys crawling out of their dungeons to complain: Zenith has climbing mechanics. More than that it has 'climb-anything' mechanics that are limited by stamina.

Zelda fans everywhere are already either triggered by or thirsty for this game. You can never tell with those people. Here's another similarity:

Zenith will feature a gliding system.

There. Do what you will with that Zeldians. Zeldites. Linkies.

Zenith Zelda Like VR PlayStation Game
If you ever watched Sword Art Online, this screenshot is doing things to you right now. (Credit: Zenith)

What Makes Zenith Special?

It's special for the simple fact that in the official blog post, the devs said most MMOs take a "spreadsheet simulator" approach to combat. 

Savage. We love it.

Zenith ain't having that. Zenith's combat will rely on active, manual skill: dodging, throwing, blocking. They call it "intuitive mechanics" and since the game is VR, doing all that dope stuff will probably feel pretty... dope.

If the fact that this game is a VR MMO with actual combat doesn't do it for you, then... maybe this will:

Working on Zenith has been a dream realized for all of us. We are honored to have a chance to build this world, and can't wait for you to visit.

PR bla-bla. Because if this game hasn't already gotten you hyped, you must be into generic statements.

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