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xQc Twitch Banned for Stream Sniping: Shroud is Shocked! Twitch Drama Explained!


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xQc was banned from Twitch! Why? Because he was stream-sniping in Fall Guys. Yes, that is as weird as it sounds and it earned the streamer a 7-day ban from Twitch. Why does this matter? Because xQc is one of the platform’s biggest streamers and it was the first time that a Twitch partner was stream-sniping. More specifically, xQc did so in a Fall Guys Twitch Rivals tournament where money was on the line. Shroud in particular was very upset about this. He pointed out that xQc made Twitch history: No big Twitch partner has ever stream-sniped anyone before. In Shroud’s mind, the punishment seemingly could be worse.

For now though, xQc will only have to suffer through a 7-day ban. Is this enough? Should Twitch hit him harder to make it clear that stream-sniping is not acceptable under any circumstances? Tough call… we weigh on it in our video.

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