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Xbox Series X: New Firmware Update Saves You Money

The November firmware update for the Xbox Series X is available
The new firmware update saves you money. (Image Credit: Microsoft)

In the meantime, Microsoft's next-gen consoles Xbox Series X & S have also received their first firmware update. Besides some cool new features, you should be happy about a very special improvement that will save you money.

For about two weeks the Microsoft consoles Xbox Series X and S are available and will please not only current gaming fans but also the hearts of retro gamers. At the beginning of the week, Microsoft released the November firmware update, which offers new features as well as an interesting improvement.

Xbox Series X: Firmware Update Reduces Power Consumption

What many people don't consider when buying a gaming PC or a new console is the additional electricity costs that arise when playing games. Especially in today's world, where modern consoles constantly work in the background thanks to always-online functions, this can be quite expensive in the long run.

The Xbox Series X also offers a feature such as the "Instant-On", with which the console switches to standby mode and can be started again a lot faster. This Instant-On function consumes a considerable amount of power, as Reddit user AndresVPN found out.

After downloading the new Xbox Series X firmware, however, the console's power consumption and heat generation are considerably reduced: instead of 25 watts, the switched-off console with activated Instant On consumes only 10.4 watts.

Update to my previous post about Instant-On power consumption: Seems they optimized it! from XboxSeriesX

This may not sound like a big change at first, but over the months or even a whole year, this optimization of the Xbox Series X saves you money.

The November firmware update for the Xbox Series X is available for download since the beginning of the week. Among other things, the patch introduces dynamic designs for the console menu or the possibility to pre-download games in the Xbox Game Pass.

Where to Find the Instant On Feature?

In the console settings, you can choose in the Energy Settings menu item whether your Xbox Series X should shut down completely (Energy Saving mode) or start again faster (Instant On mode).

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.