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Xbox Series S|X Plays PS2 Games Better Than PS5

The Xbox Series S|X have an emulator that plays PS2 titles
No PS2 games on PS5? Then let's play on Xbox. (Image Credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox consoles are known for their backward compatibility, but that's only for games of Microsoft hardware. The fact that the next-generation console Xbox Series S can also play PS2 classics should be a slap in the face for Sony.

For a long time fans had hoped to be able to play their PS2 and PS3 classics on the PlayStation 5 thanks to backward compatibility, but unfortunately nothing came of it. If you want to dive into games like God of War or Shadow of the Colossus on your current hardware, you need... um... well... an Xbox Series S or Series X.

PS2 Games on Xbox Series S

As YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer found out, the Xbox Series S (and also the Series X) has a RetroArch emulator, which can be reached via the developer menu of the console.

This enables the next-gen consoles from Microsoft to play games from different systems - including the PlayStation 2, as the YouTuber shows in the video. If you then also consider that the PS5 cannot do this, it is quite impressive.

How do I get the RetroArch Emulator?

All you need to play the classics is the said RetroArch Emulator. To get it you need to register for a developer account on the Microsoft website. This costs $19 for individuals and $99 for companies. The bigger issue is getting your hands on the next-gen Xbox console.

Once you have registered, you can download the emulator software to your console. According to Modern Vintage Gamer, there are still a few bugs and errors with the emulator, and not all games are running yet. Despite that, we think it's totally worth it if you're a fan of older games.


The Xbox Series S|X as the home of retro games of all systems? Probably nobody would have dreamed of that in advance. It will be exciting to see what the community does with the emulator over time.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.