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A Great way to test out a Game

These Xbox Games Are Free to Play This Weekend Only!

Xbox Game Pass Promo
A great way to play it before you buy it! (Credit: Microsoft)

If you already have the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, then you already have access to a massive library of games to choose from. But until this weekend only, three new games are available on the Xbox Game Pass as part of Microsoft's Free Play Days.

Two of these games we can vouch for with the third one being a bit of a mystery, good thing you can play it for free! The Free Play Days promotion ends on January 17 so you still have time to test these games out before you may or may not buy them. Wait hold up, I see what you did there Xbox! Get me hooked on a game for free and let me continue my save file for the mere purchase of the very game I was just playing for free! Nice one Microsoft...

Play Star Wars Squadrons for Free With the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass

Xbox Star Wars Squadrons
Your no Jedi, or Mando, but you get to fly! (Credit: EA Games)

Quick Rundown of Star Wars Squadron: The combat is excellent and probably the best thing about the game. Everything else is kind of medium and just acts as the backdrop to a great flight sim action game set in one of the best universes know to gamer kind.

Play Dragon Ball FighterZ for Free With the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass

Dragon Ball Z Fighter Xbox
The Z Fighters have never looked so good! (Credit: Arc System Works)

Name your favorite DBZ or Super character and they are in this Dragon Ball game! They even have three different versions of Goku you can fight with. Also, if you didn't realize it yet, this is a fighting game so let the button-mashing begin.

Play Yooka-Layee for Free With the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass

Okay, this one I have never played or even heard of so it's hard to say anything hype or meme on it. Only thing we can do is let YouTube guide our hands and hopefully not towards the close window button!

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