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What is thiiiiis, honey.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Gets Star Wars Game

Baby Yoda approves. (Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney)

A Star Wars game is heading to Xbox Game Pass next month, which makes sense since EA Play was bundled into the Xbox Game Pass. But which Star Wars game made it?

With EA Play coming to Xbox Game Pass, a Star Wars game being included in their line-up eventually was no surprise. Yet, it’s still nice to see it.

Which Games Are In Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for March?

The Star Wars game that will be part of Xbox Game Pass and EA Play is Star Wars: Squadrons. In addition to that, Madden NFL will also join the line-up of games for March 2021 and a month later, NHL 21 will join too.

When will Star Wars: Squadrons come to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Whereas Madden NFL will be released on March 2 and NHL 21 will join in April, EA has yet to come out with a statement on when Star Wars: Squadrons will be released, though our money is soon after Madden NFL.

Remember that EA Play in connection with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can only be played on console. If you want to play on PC, you’ll have to wait a little longer, since that feature isn’t set to arrive for another few months.

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