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Use your chance before it’s too late!

How to Get a FREE Month of Disney+ as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscriber!

Xbox and Disney+ collaboration
Now's your chance, so claim it before it's too late! (Image Credit: Disney)

Have you been itching to watch The Mandalorian and have considered buying Disney+ just for the sake of that? Have you been wanting to turn your living room into a cinema and rewatch all the Marvel movies? Or maybe you want to reminisce on your childhood and watch the movies that you knew all the songs to as a kid? Xbox users, it’s your time to shine!

If you are a subscriber of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then you are in luck, because you will get 30 days of Disney+ for free! That is an especially good deal since Disney+ has removed the 7-day trial option for their service. So if you want to test it out or just spend your time watching something that brings back happy times in a year such as 2020, then this is definitely something you should go for.

Disney+ shows and movies
Take your pick, it's yours to watch for 30 days! (Image Credit: Disney)

There are only two restrictions to this:

  • One: you need to be a new Disney+ member
  • Two: you must be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscriber

If you checked both of these boxes with a yes, then here’s what you have to do next:

Go to the Perks Gallery of your Xbox, your Xbox app, via your computer, or through the Xbox Game Pass mobile app on iOS and Android. You’ll be redirected to the Disney+ site once you’ve claimed your perk and from thereon, you can activate your free 30-day trial!

And in case you are one of the people who got Xbox X or S, yes, you will also be able to claim this perk on the new console.

But make sure not to wait too long, this offer is only available till January 31st of 2021!

We're sure you'll be taking this deal, as it's just too sweet not to! If you want to hear more news such as these as soon as possible so you won't miss out, stick around on EarlyGame and follow us on Twitter to always be up to date!