This New Horror Game Is Basically Silent Hill Meets Resident Evil

What do you get if you put Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Dark Souls together? Probably the most interesting sounding game ever: Wronged Us.
Wronged Us Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Dark Souls
Wronged Us sounds like any horror fans nightmare come true. | © Wronged Us, Silent Hil

Wronged Us is the name, and Silent Hill meets Resident Evil, is, apparently, the game. Granted, we don't have a lot about this game. Ok, granted, we only know about 19 seconds about the game, but those 19-seconds were enough – just like my girlfriend always says. Don't believe me? Watch. Uh, the gameplay... not me and my girlfriend:

So... we've got a headless couple, followed by the name 'Wronged Us'. What's going on? Did he kill them? Are we playing the bad guy, haunted by the dead good guys? How cool and refreshing would that be? Or maybe they're just a zombie couple in love, and you inhabit a world of zombies, where you are actually the bad guy, because you're killing them, not realizing that zombies have feelings too. #ZombieLivesMatter? That would be even cooler, and more refreshing.

I don't need to tell you how good the proposed graphics are, because you can see that. Presumably, the Unreal Engine mentioned is the ever-so-sexy Unreal Engine 5, because I legit had to do a double take on whether that was live-action or rendered.

Where it really gets interesting is the text-information we have: Under the YouTube video, it reads that the game is inspired by Silent Hills, Dark Souls, and Resident Evil. Yes, that sounds exactly like what it sounds like: A horror game with Dark Souls combat. Holy sh*t. Also, there's a little something under the YouTube video that reads 'survival horror game'. Uhm... are we throwing Valheim in the mix? I don't know, but I wanna know. I want this game. I want to know who we wronged and why.

Since the teaser ends with '2022', I'm assuming we'll get more information then, and with everything that this clip's got going on already, I'm certain we'll be hearing about 'Wronged Us' a lot.

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