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WoW Shadowlands Castle Nathria: Race to World First is Now!

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Now guilds can enter Castle Nathria Mythic (Image Credit: Blizzard)

The top WoW guilds in the latest Shadowlands expansion now have access to Mythic Castle Nathria. The Race for World First kill on the final raid boss commences, Sire Denathrius ends. Let's go over the teams to watch and the current leaders of the race.

Castle Nathria is the first raid tier of WoW Shadowlands and the Mythic difficulty was released on December 15 in NA and the 16th in the EU. The question remains, which region will claim the World First title? Limit Complexity NA won the previous World Race in BFA’s last raid Ny’alotha, which was an upset. Traditionally the EU has dominated the high-end raiding scene in World of Warcraft.

We are no longer in BFA which was honestly the worst WoW expansion in the game's long history. Now in Shadowlands, WoW has returned to its former glory and the game’s viewership and hype have substantially increased. The race for World First in Castle Nathria is in full swing, Complexity Limit is currently in the lead with 7/10 boss kills with BDGG and Echo both at 4/10 kills.

Method, which went through an insane amount of drama in BFA where several members were outed for sexual misconduct. So the once top guild is a big question mark this World Race. Currently, Method is 4/10 mythic at the time of this article and they will surely catch up with the now American rivals Complexity-Limit.

The best place to watch the World First Race is on Twitch. The streamer made esports org. OTK is covering all the top guilds in the World First Race of Castle Nathria, or you can tune into your favorite mythic raider and watch them live instead. How long will WoW Shadowlands’ first World Race last? We are currently in day 2 but if some bosses are very hard, we could be waiting for a winner for at least a week or more!

EarlyGame will be back with the winner of the World First Race so until then check out this WoW Shadowlands Breaks Sales Record: Official Figures Revealed!

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